7 Jun 2009


As I write this first part (the rest will be when I get back home after a tea outing), I'm watching Federer smash Robin Soderling of Sweden and write his name in tennis history books as only the 6th man to achieve a career Grand Slam (which means he's won the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and now -finally- Roland Garros)! Finally equalling Pete Sampras in Grand Slam titles (14, highest number for men, amongst the women the amazing Steffi Graff has over 20 I believe!).

I am so enjoying every minute of it too! The crazy dude who jumped the fence to give Federer a hat (read about it here). The thrills on the rare break point Soderling has had, Federer's powerful and precise aces, the lovely drop shots... Go Roger!!! And how about the stress in the final game? Serving for the Championship and giving Soderling an opportunity for a break?! be still my beating heart!!! Quickly corrected thank heavens! ;o)

And to receive the trophy from the hands of Andre Agassi? The last man to complete the Grand Slam... how wonderfully symbolic!

Beautiful speeches... I've got tears in my eyes! I'm such a sentimental goofball sometimes! :p

(photo from Getty Images on eurosport.yahoo.com)

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