26 Jun 2010


There are moments in life when you've got to stop and smell the roses... or just sit back and admire the fireworks! As I write this I'm watching a 20'+ fireworks display out over the bay of Alicante, with the castle in the background. It's gorgeous! It's the first night of a 5-night competition that starts the day after Hogueras... so still plenty to enjoy! One of these nights (probably Monday) I'll go downtown and watch it from the beach where they're launched. Lie down on a towel and see colours above me, enjoy the sounds an smells... Can't wait! :o)

Speaking of Hogueras, I hope you're not tired of the subject since I've got plenty more to write! But I'll space the posts out a bit more, in part 'cause I need the time to select and edit photos and I need to put together and edit the videos from the CremĂ  last night. -Wow! Gorgeous series of white "palmeras" right now! breathtaking!- I've also got friends arriving Monday for the week so I'll prepare a few posts this weekend in advance 'cause I doubt I'll have much time for the computer next week. I plan to be too busy with beach and fiesta and football celebrations! (yes football, Spain just made it through to the next round!!! 2-1 against Chile! CAMPEONES! CAMPEONES! OHE! OHE! OHEEEEEE!!!!)

Oh sweet! They've got these new spaghetti-type fireworks that I saw last year for the first time that actually somehow manage to go up and down several times before they dissipate! :o)

I'm going to stop there... words can't describe what I'm seeing!  The other contestants will have to work hard to beat this one! Spectacular grand finale! ;o)


  1. You did a great job of getting fireworks in pictures, I tried that last year and I got nothing. Do you ever grow tired of all that partying? And here I thought you were a studious person! And congratulations to Spain on making it to the final round in the World Cup. Today Ghana will probably put us out of the running. But one can hope!

  2. DJan, I really love fireworks so I've got experience in trying to catch them on film! The advantage of digital is you don't get to see the 100 bad ones for the few good ones, lol!

    I LOVE partying!!! Studious as well, but both aren't incompatible! Spain is big on parties... ;o) In fact it's 3 a.m. and I'm just back from an all day bachelor/bachelorette party for some friends of mine! Started at noon and was still going when I left! :p

    Sorry about Ghana knocking the US out... :o( I missed it (busy partying!). I've still got my fingers crossed for Mexico and SPain!

  3. Beautiful! We tried to photograph fireworks one year, but it didn't turn out and all we could see was a big orange ball in the sky...

  4. No video, but I can just imagine the sounds of the night.

    I see you have company coming, but after they leave and you have a moment stop by and read my post from July 1st. Honestly Cris, the oil spill has me so upset it was impossible to write any posts this week or do much visiting. I think you'll like this new project I wrote about and I'm hoping you'll get involved next month.

    Have a great time and oh, by the way, no never tire of this celebration! Usually though I like to come when I have the right amount of time to kick back and enjoy it without being rushed. Bring on more photos and videos!

  5. Anonymous8/11/11 23:32

    Great shots of fireworks, here, unlike the ones you saw on my blog, yours have some movement in them which I love too, and you must have used a tripod. Well done for getting the shots though, they can be very difficult to get right !!

  6. Nope, no tripod. I was leaning them on the wall of the top of the building I was on.


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