18 Jun 2010

Ninots Categoria especial, SJ-6

Final Ninots today! :o)
These belong to the Hogueras de Categoría Especial, a.k.a. the big money spenders (over 50'000€), the ones that usually tower over the other Hogueras and are among the first to burn.

Special stork delivery anyone?

Ninot Hoguera Hernán Cortés. Artista: Jesús Grao Garrido

An homage to one of my favourite authors growing up: Jules Verne!

Ninot Hoguera Mercado Central. Artista: Daniel Jiménez Zafrilla


Ninot Hoguera Gran Vía La Cerámica. Artista: Hermanos Gómez Fonseca
I see a happy mother, but don't understand the happy/sad carnival masks...

This one's entitled "Soberbia" and mentions all the things the Comunidad Valenciana is proud of (and attract tourists such as spots in Valencia, Benidorm -ugh!- etc.):

Ninot Hoguera Polígono de San Blas. Artista: Carlos Simón Rondón Espinosa

I think this is my favourite in this group, Spanish President Zapatero as a magician with wonderful "spells" to end the Crisis! (ironic of course, referring to all his promises of solutions)

Ninot Hoguera Séneca-Autobuses. Artista: Pedreo Santaeulalia
The one sign you can read here translates as "Abracadabra I'm as (mad as) a goat!" :p

Underwater love: a mermaid and a triton.

Ninot Hoguera Florida Portazgo. Artista: Vicente Martínez Aparici
In the mermaid's hand a flame, the magic that illuminates the Hogueras:

As for this lady:

Ninot Hoguera Altozano. Artista Francisco José Esplá Tárraga
I kind of think she's an anthropomorphised flame, sad at burning out perhaps? In any case the flame/shield is beautifully painted!

And last but not least: Gemini here represented as Day and Night (a popular recurring theme I'm noticing!).

Ninot Hoguera San Blas Alto. Artista Francisco López Albert

The Ninots infantiles were actually the first ones I saw as I walked into the exhibit and was immediatly enchanted with this little pair of a Bellea and her companion with all those little pigeons. There must be something special about it (or the material used) 'cause it was under a glass case (there were a few others)! Made it difficult to get a good picture:

Ninot H.Infantil Rabasa Polígono Industrial. Artista: Salvador Fenoll Peris

This little mermaid seems to be in good company!

Artista H.Infantil Hernán Cortés. Artista: Francisco Javier Fernández Ruiz

And this little kiddie is off on a romería (a walk to a monastery/church on a religious day) to the Santa Faz (event here in Alicante held 10 days after Easter):

Ninot H.Infantil Altozano. Artista: Sergio Amar Medina

Have you had a chance to admire the dresses of the Bellesas? This little girl appears to be getting fitted for one:

Ninot H.Infantil Calderón de la Barca Pz. España. Artista: Carlos Sampedro Moreno

And speaking of dresses and Bellesas:

They were admiring the ninots, but particularly looking for "theirs" (and happy when i told them it got my vote to be spared).

an Alicante wedding, with mermaids again! 

Ninot H.Infantil San Blai La Torreta. Artista: José Gallego Gallego

One of my friends is getting married in a month... I wonder if it will be anything like that? ;o)

So now you've seen them all! Well, all the ones I got decent enough photographs of. :p And amongst them are those that will be spared from the flames (for a moment I was worried I'd missed them!). So how about you tell me which ones you'd vote for (one adult and one infantil) and tomorrow we'll see how your choice compares to Alicantes?

My votes are for the little Boda Alicantina above in the ninot infantil category, and the 3rd category seashell seahorse in the "adult" category (with the 5th category "dead mermaid" and the "magician president" above as close seconds, was a tough choice!)


  1. After looking carefully at your choices, I am totally and completely unable to choose. This is way tough, although I too love the little Boda Alicantina but there are so many that deserve to be "saved." BTW, what happens to them? Do they stay under glass in perpetuity, or only until next year?

  2. Very creative and life-like

  3. Now you know my vote is for the Seashell Seahorse and I'm going to go with the little mermaid you posted today — the one surrounded by all the little sea critters.

    I think the "sad" mask is for the labor part of having a baby. The grimace on the face tells it all, lol.


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