17 Jun 2010

Ninots 1a Categoria, SJ-7

Only two categories of Ninots to go until you get to find out who will spared from the flames! Today: First Category, and they're quite a bit more elaborate than most of the previous ones...

I found this first one to be slightly creepy, but then the painter Francisco Goya and many of his works are creepy! 

Ninot Hoguera Calvo Sotelo. Artista: Francisco José Santonja Peni

Now this one has a very different style:

Ninot Hoguera Hoguera Carolinas. Artista: Federico Ferrer García

A very elegant sea goddess, and the critters with her are beautiful! I love these two:

Here's the mayor of Alicante again (blond), dressed in greenery and flowers (I think this is going to be a recurring motif for her throughout the Hogueras). I don't know who the other two are...

Ninot Hoguera Diputación-Renfe. Artista: Paco Juan Navarro

The ninots infantiles are as cute as ever!

The Hunchback of Notredame anyone?

Ninot H.Infantil Diputación-Renfe. Artista: Vicente Almela Caballé

This Bellea is crying over a ninot about to be put to the flames:

Ninot H.Infantil Los Ángeles. Artista: Francisco Gisbert Picó

I'm going to have go visit this little shepherd when he's set up, he'll be only a few blocks from my house!

Ninot H.Infantil Avenida Costablanca Entreplayas. Artista: Juan M. Castelblanqué Pérez

Father Time again, in the form of the god Kronos:

Ninot H.Infantil Baver - Els Antigons. Artista: allos y Sanabria


yummm... have to wait another month or two until they're ripe enough to eat. ;o)

Tomorrow the "top dogs", the Ninots from the Hogueras de Categoría Especial.


  1. I am thinking desperately what I can write that I haven't written before, because I do want you to know how much I appreciate all your efforts to share this wonderful event. Hugs!

  2. It's a shame to burn them. I loved the "mermaid" one, not so much the scary one.

  3. The sweetest faces on the seal and the figs. Now I never thought I would be saying that about figs, lol.

    My favorite in this category would be the bellea crying over the ninot. I too, am sad that they will be burned.

  4. I'm enjoying all the pics of this year's event. I still don't think I could put all that work into it, just to have it burn...

    Love all the fine clothes.

  5. Glad they're all such a hit! :o)

    And the figs really got me smiling too! ;o)

    As for the short existence (before the fire), perhaps we could compare it to the short lifespan of a butterfly? I believe the Hoguera artists kind of view it that way...


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