16 Jun 2010

A brief moment of silence...

... for the ridicule that is the Spanish defeat by SWITZERLAND of all countries!!! If this were tennis I'd half expect it and be less disappointed (even though I'm a bigger tennis than football fan), but in FOOTBALL?!?!?! And add to the fact that they actually played very well... but that Swiss defense was just a damned brick wall!!! And stupid rebound... porqué no pudo Casillas guardar esa pelota en vez de que se rebotara? ;o(



Can you tell I'm a sore loser?  >:(

So much for the European Champions being "favourites"... but Chile and Honduras had better look out! No more "nice guys"!


Am off to eat some Swiss chocolate or something. ;o(

And Nadal had better CRUSH Federer in Wimbledon.... ;o)


  1. I hear you! That was just, well, HORRIFYING! I didn't see it but I read about it, and could not believe it. I am hoping that something happens to make it up to you...

  2. I watched the game. I thought during the first half, Spain was much better, most of the play was in the other end. But one goal, if was big. At the end, desperation.
    I is early though, but there have been a lot of upsets.

  3. Anonymous17/6/10 04:34

    At first I thought, "There was a WAR between Spain and Switzerland?!" then I realized you're talking about football. I see it this way. Switzerland gave the world nice chocolate and cheese and Spain gave the world AWESOME, therefore Spain wins, regardless of what happens in football.

  4. I'll tell what would make it up DJan: Nadal wins Wimbledon in 2 weeks and in 3 weeks "La Roja" makes up for this match by winning the World Cup for the first time! Yup, that would do it nicely... ;o)

    Jacob, that's what makes it so frustrating! They did play better! More dominance, better technique, fewer fowls... but with the Swiss keeping most of their players within the penalty box, what chance of getting through that brick wall?!

    Thx Veg! Awesome definitely wins! :o) But the way I see it Spain actually gave the world chocolate by bringing it out of Mexico, France made it popular outside of Spain... and currently Belgium chocolates are much better than Swiss!!! So other than raclette and fondu (which are also made in France) all the Swiss have got is Federer! Which I'll grant them is something... possibly the greatest tennis player in history... but since we have the amazing Nadal Spain still wins! ;o)

    Hmmm... one day later and I'm still upset? Not a good sign! When do the big Hogueras parties start so I can let out some steam before the next (Mon) match? :p

  5. "And Nadal had better CRUSH Federer in Wimbledon.... ;o) "

    From your lips to god's ear. I'm not a football fanatic, but I give you my condolences.

    (PS. Can you shoot me an email at dangerous.liaison231(@)yahoo.com?)

  6. Bite the head off a swiss chocolate bunny! That'll show 'em!

  7. *off to buy a Swiss chocolate bunny*

    Great idea Lily! ;o)

    Thx Andrew! I'm only a football fan every 2 years though... European Championships and World Cup! :p


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