12 Jun 2010

Ninots 6a Categoria, SJ-12

Time to start taking a look at those ninots in competition to see which one(s) will be saved from the fire on the night of San Juan... Like I said I'll present them according to categories, since it's not fair to compare the work from a group with only a couple thousand euros to spend (6th category) to a group with tens of thousands of euros to spend.

 Here's a look at all the ninots from the 6th category:

Last year I mentioned the Hogueras categories and how much money defined the limits of each group. I haven't been able to find out yet if the numbers are the same this year (probably since those are general "groupings" and expenses on a single Hoguera will vary from year to year), but I did hear comments from people in the exhibit at how obvious it was that 5th and 6th categories had reduced their budget (crisis anyone?). Indeed when looking at the ninots from the main hogueras in the 6th category I wasn't really inspired by any to do individual shots (plus was running out of time by them). They really don't compare that well to the bigger money spenders (which you'll see later in the week). They're also rather basic and don't seem to "say" much:

Ninots Hogueras 6a Categoría

Ninots Hogueras 6a Categoría

A couple of the ninots infantils did catch my eye, and there was a bigger uniformity of quality throughout all the categories. I was particularly fond of this little king Neptune (or Poseidon):

Ninot H. Infantil "La Marina". Artista: Juan Alberto Navarro Guijarro

and found myself wondering why this fairy was crying a single bloody tear?

Ninot H. Infantil Santo Domingo. Artista: Antonio Sansano Escribano

I was also quite taken with this little couple of aliens who decided to join in the festa dressed as festeros Alacantins! Alicante welcomes all! :o)

Ninot H. Infantil Francisco Albert. Artista Vicente Albert García
Aren't they a cute couple? ;o)

Tomorrow: 5a categoría (which just means an increase of a couple thousand euros)

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