21 Jun 2010

Hogueras Playeros, SJ-3

It's time to start visiting the completed Hogueras! :o)

I didn't have time to make it into town today, so I just visited the Hogueras around here (the beach area), and I discovered that one of them is missing! There were 3 last year... and although 3 are in the programme, one of them (Alicante Golf) is nowhere to be found! I checked around the neighbourhood it was set up in last year, even asked a business owner, and he told me he thinks it was "cancelled" this year for financial reasons. Apparently they already had trouble last year getting the money together and this year, well even worse. Damn crisis! :s

But onto more joyful matters! Here goes the first of the other two (they're both 4th category Hogueras) -that I actually showed you being set up yesterday- : Hoguera La Condomina (where I saw the mascletĂ  nocturna last week) whose theme is "El Genio Alicantino" (the Alicante genious? I think they mean the things that attract tourists to Alicante... based on the figures!)

Hoguera La Condomina. Artista: Miguel Balaguer Nieto

Here's Alicante's mayor, armed and dangerous! If you remember she was their candidate for the Ninot Indultat...

Tourists!!! The German dude from yesterday joins a British retiree (they've got colonies here!) and a Japanese:

And this couple seem to have taken quite a fright!

Possibly because of this guy and his pyrotechnics competition! :p

A family fighting for an inch of sand along Alicante's famous beaches...

And this one... no idea!!! A bull at the beach???

Here's what the whole group looks like from the back:

and here's their Hoguera Infantil:

The one that's a few blocks from my place is the Hoguera Avda Costablanca-Entreplayas, and they're celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the theme "De Nit i de Dia" (Night and Day):

This sun and moon couple was their candidate for the Ninot Indultat:

And they've chosen to bring up other holidays (similar to Hogueras) in the region, the Fallas in Valencia...

and the Fiestas de la Magdalena in Castellon (never been)

I like the way you get to see the difference between the traditional dresses (and hair styles) in the three!

And looks like they were prepared for the Hercules football club making it up to the First Division this year:

Here's the ensemble from the back:

With the Hoguera Infantil which I learnt is a 1st category hoguera! I didn't know they could mix and match categories...

And I just learnt they won the 4th prize in their category for it! Bravo! :o)

Tomorrow I'll go wander around downtown and see what I run into... ;o)


  1. Very sad that one couldn't be put up because of the economy, but that's a sign of the times around the world.

    The family on the beach made me laugh, I've seen scenes like that on beaches many times. Usually means it's time for me to pack up and head home.

    The bull with the swim ring is hysterical!

  2. These are gorgeous. You've out done yourself again with the photos this year...

  3. Dive Girl, and these two aren't really all that great. Wait until you catch sight of some of the others! ;o)

    Rhonda, one of the reasons I avoid the main beach here (other than the sand), is precisely that scene! Things get so crowded in the summer it feels like you've got to fight for your square metre of beach! I prefer my rocky cove near home: no sand, fewer people, lots of fishies! :o)


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