16 Jun 2010

Ninots 2a Categoria, SJ-8

And so the countdown continues. Just a week away from the fires of San Juan, here are the candidate ninots from the 2nd Category Hogueras!

This first one is dedicated to a people's historical memory. The card says a "A People without memory is a source of conflict. Let us fight to preserve our history by becoming "Living Alicante"" (it's hard to translate!)

Ninot Hoguera Gran Via-Garbinet. Artista Latorre y Sanz

This drummer looks a lot happier than his companion dolçainer... I wonder if he has some secret he's not sharing with him?

Ninot Hoguera Tómbola. Artista: Francisco Roca Chorques

They've even got their own tweety birds joining in! ;o)

Four seasons in one ninot:

Ninot Hoguera Parque de las Avenidas. Artista Francisco López Albert

Spring to Summer...

... to Autumn to Winter.

This one's an actual fountain! (I wonder how well that will burn, lol!): 

Ninot Hoguera Plaza de Gabriel Miró. Artista: Manuel García Ramirez

It's a maquette of a fountain dedicated to the local writer Gabriel Miro whose 80th anniversary (death) is this year and with this ninot they wanted to bring the past into the present.

For the kiddies I've chosen two that speak to the scientist in me!

An astronomer:

Ninot H.Infantil Mercado Central. Artista: Roberto Chorro Torregrosa

and a young entomologist!

Ninot H.Infantil Florida Sur. Artista Vicent Tornador Navarro

He looks like he's having more fun with his bugs than I did when I had to collect mine in Uni... :p

Only 2 more categories to go! First and "Special". And then you'll learn who gets saved from the flames this year! ;o)


  1. The fountain is beautiful, but looks so out of place among all the other colorful ninots.

    I would have to say that my favorite in this category is the one depicting the four seasons, but I do adore that little birdie musician!

  2. I think the fountain got a special prize... but not the biggie... it does look out of place, but the sentiment behind it is nice!

    And yeah, the birdie is adorable! I'm a sucker for little details like those! ;o)

  3. I also love the graceful lines of the four seasons. There is something so... ephemeral about it, maybe knowing that life is only a few days long. And that it still has seasons.

  4. These are gorgeous...I really need to come for a visit.

  5. DJan, for these figures life is ephemeral, lasting only about 4 days from the time they're set up 'till their death by fire...

    Dive Girl, can you hop on a plane Sunday? That's when they'll all be set up in the streets and the "real" party begins! ;o)


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