14 Jun 2010

Ninots 4a categoria, SJ-10

More Ninots! Today's turn are those from the 4th Category Hogueras, and we're starting to see an increase in quality (although the big jump will be in a few days):

And just to show how international the Hogueras can be (as if Obama appearing three times last year wasn't enough, lol!), how about we start out with one for the Twihards? 

Ninot Hoguera Barri L'Harmonia. Artista: Jesús Grao Garrido

My, my! I think I like Kristen Stewart much better up on the screen opposite her dear Edward and Jacob in the Twilight movies than as a ninot! They definitely didn't catch her better side... ;o)

The only character more popular in the Hogueras than a "Star" is a politician, and Alicante's mayor Sonia Castedo sure gets a few chances of her own to shine, starting with this one:

Ninot Hoguera La Condomina. Artista: Miguel Balaguer Nieto

(lately there have been a lot of "public works" in the city and a lot of new gardens and flowers popping up in the roundabouts)

I think this is her again as a mermaid (due to the gardening and the "Alicante: guapa, guapa" which is her theme for the city):

Ninot Hoguera Via Parc - Vistahermosa. Artista: Pablo González Devesa

This one's a bit more original, it's called "Reflections":

Ninot Hoguera Nou Alacant. Artista: Federico Molinero Sandoval

Then there's a more traditional "Father Time":

Ninot Hoguera Pol. de Babel. Artista: Armengol y Cimas

and my favourite in this batch, a funky seahorse who looks like he could toot his own horn! ;o)

Ninot Hoguera José Ángle Guirao. Artista: Juan Carlos Asensi Carrasco

And for the kids? 

Well here's a little fireman who seems to be having trouble controlling his fire hose:

Ninot H.Infantil Puente Villavieja. Artista: José Luis Díaz Yelo

and a group of musical spiders who look like they've escaped a Tim Burton movie!

Ninot H.Infantil Barrio José Antonio

Sleepy? This pair of musicians will wake you up bright and early every day during the Hogueras in the "despertà"!

Ninot H.Infantil Bola de Oro. Artista: La Comisión

Hmmm... methinks this poor Dracula has seen better days. Or is he just feeling left out of the current vampire frenzy? ;o)

Ninot H.Infantil San Blas. Artista: Alejandro Cano Hernández

Hey! Is anybody out there enjoying these ninots? I haven't gotten any feedback in days! :o(

Tomorrow: 3rd Category, and if I have time (to edit video) a little extra surprise...


  1. Holy moley, Cris! I am enjoying them!! There isn't much to say except I'm having fun looking at them, wondering about the artists, and considering that they will all be BURNED at the stake! Will you promise me that you will show us that event? I think it must be a HUGE bonfire! Hugs for doing this!

  2. P.S. There is something going on with blogger, or even with Google itself, since I keep losing comments and downloads stop or fail. It's been like this all day.

  3. They are wonderful, Chris. I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, I'm way behind in my blog reading. I also apologize for missing Ocean's Week this year. (Of all years!) But will make sure to do something special for next year. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  4. Yay people! :o)

    Glad you like them Emom!

    DJan, I fully intend to be there on the Nit de San Joan, June 24th, when everything gets burnt down at midnight, if only for your sake! ;o) At the moment I have no one to join me in the madness though... two years ago I had friends visiting and last year my sister came from London with friends of her own. My local friends are all a bit blasé now when it comes to Hogueras, but I might be able to twist someone's arm to go insult firemen and get hosed down! (a tradition that goes along with the burning)

    Nancy, I could tell from your blog you've been busy! Moving is no piece of cake! Next year we'll have everything ready in advance! ;o)


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