19 Jun 2010

Ninot Indulta 2010, SJ-5

So, after a week of visiting with the ninots from the "Exposición del Ninot" it's time to find out which two ninots will join the ranks of the "Ninot Indultat", or the Forgiven Ninots. Who will join last year's Ninot Indultat in the Museo de Hogueras? Yes, the Hogueras have their own Museum! It's small, just a series of rooms in the "Casa de la Festa", but it's where the memories of past Hogueras live on through photos (dating back to the beginning of the 20th century) and ninots

entrance to the Museo de Hogueras

I stopped in briefly today (will have to go back at another date when am less pressed for time), just to be sure I could answer the question of "what happens to these ninots?". I went looking for last year's ninot indultat and found the lovely lady with this gentleman:

I've known the answer to this question for a while now, and have been wondering if the two ninots in question would receive any love in the comments... they didn't get my vote while I was at the exhibit, and apparently by no one else reading this either!

Well, enough dilly-dallying, time to find out who will not be put to the flames on the night of San Juan!

The Ninot Indultat Infantil was selected by a whopping majority of 1211 votes (compared to 262 votes for the 2nd place) and belongs to the Hoguera Infantil Rabasa Polígono Industrial from the "Categoría Especial" section:

Ninot Indultat Infantil. Artista: Salvador Fenoll Peris

They are quite a cute pair though, aren't they? :o)

As for the Ninot Indultat, it's from the "Primera Categoría" section and got twice as many votes (910) as the second place (526). It's the slightly creepy homage to the Spanish 19th century painter Francisco Goya from the Hoguera Calvo Sotelo:

Ninot Indultat. Artista: Francisco José Santonja Peni

Although I'll have to admit he looks much better out on the street, where I spotted him today waiting to be incorporated into his Hoguera (which looks like it's going to be dedicated to artists):

So, what do you think of these choices? On the 24th they'll be sent to the Museum while at midnight the rest of the Hogueras will be put to the flames.


  1. No, definitely not my favorite ones, although the Infantil one was already behind a glass case, if I'm not mistaken. And I kind of think the other one is overdone, just my taste, and as you said, a little creepy. Your pictures show them very well, though.

    Oh, this means my beautiful fairies will be burned to a crisp! At least I've got your pictures... and thanks for letting me know what happens to them. Hugs to you, Cris!!

  2. Yup, you're right DJan, that Infantil was one of the two behind a glass case in the exhibit, I don't know why though!
    And as for the Goya being overdone and creepy... yes, but it's actually very fitting for the artist in question, his work is quite a bit creepy!

    Sorry, everyone else will be put to the flames Thursday night! But they will live on through pictures! ;o)

  3. No! Don't let them burn the seashell seahorse! Darn, but the Goya one is cool and I can understand why it was saved. I'm not all that familiar with Goya's work as a whole, but I do remember studying The Third of May in art history and thinking it was such a powerful image on the face of war.

    As for the the Infantil, I'm surprised, there were so many others I loved, but perhaps the artist who designed it is well known and a local favorite. The cat is cute though!

  4. Ah yes, the Third of May is his most famous I believe... I actually did a "reproduction" of it in drawing class in middle school one year when we were studying the various art movements... But if you see his sketches... brrr! I hadn't seen much of his until i visited the Prado Museum in Madrid. And then there's the movie Goya's Ghost which came out 2 years ago (w/ Natalie Portman, good one!) which shows even more disturbing paintings... But living through the Napoleonic invasion of Spain would be enough to make anyone see ghosts!


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