15 Jun 2010

Ninots 3a categoria SJ-9

We're about halfway through with the candidates for the Ninot Indultat! Today: 3rd Category (so groups spending roughly between 10'000-15'000 for an entire Hoguera)!

I think I'll start off with one obviously dedicated to all the harried working mothers out there, I'm sure a lot of them would recognise themselves (at some point) in this representation:

Ninot Hoguera Santa Isabel. Artista: Rafael Gómez Fonseca

Another one that's definitely making a statement:

Ninot Hoguera Explanada Puerto Postiguet. Artista Xavier Herrero Martínez

Crisis? What crisis? (ask the sign at the bottom) The TP rolls say things like "mortgage" "car loan" and "electricity bill".

Now the term "loan shark" doesn't translate literally to Spanish, but if it did this guy would surely fit the bill!

Ninot Hoguera Altozano Sur Las Plazas. Artista: Santiago Ferrer Vicent

I looked all over and he doesn't have a dorsal fin, so not a shark... but still, this is definitely not a face to trust (or maybe he's just really upset with BP...)!

Continuing the marine motif (I'm sure Rhonda from the Tikki Hut is going to love this one, full of seashells!):

Ninot Hoguera Florida Plaza La Viña. Artista: Carlos Albaladejo Rodríguez

Now there's an elegant seahorse! Very regal head:

but this little fellah on the bottom gets the last laughs! :p

To wrap up the "big guys", a funky dragon!

Ninot Hoguera Plaza de Santa María. Artista: Francisco López Albert

And for the kids, I don't know if there's a man in the moon, but there appears to be a kid settling in for "sweet dreams":

Ninot H.Infantil Rabassa. Artista: David Sánchez Igualda

She doesn't need her beauty sleep, does she?

Ninot H.Infantil Plaza de Santa María. Artista: Francisco López Albert

And finally, a tale of prickly love! ;o)

Ninot H.Infantil Explanada Puerto Postiguet. Artista: José Enrique Ginestar Moran

Tomorrow: 2nd Category


  1. I LOVE the seahorse!! Oh Cris you are such a busy bee with all these pictures and stuff. I am glad to know you're enjoying yourself, and I'm enjoying YOU!!

  2. That seahorse is divine!

    Busy bee, that's me!!! Not getting much sleep lately! And thank heavens for "scheduled posts" that way I can do a batch of photos and then work on something else for a few days... These ninot posts are the easy ones! No video editing... as soon as there's video to edit (trimming length, combining clips, adding titles) then it takes A LOT more time!

  3. Well, you were certainly right when you said I would LOVE the seahorse! You must know where my vote is going, lol.

    Since I was offline for the last week, I spent this morning visiting all the posts. I was amazed at the video of all the tables of ninots, I had no idea there were so many. You spotlighted some that I thought were incredible. The dead mermaid? Wow, she is so beautiful and sad at the same time and the little dragon with the pacifier is sooooo cute.

    Amazing job as always Cris, thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

  4. Oh I forgot, what does the sign say that the crab is carrying?

  5. "estoy que me salgo" literally means "I'm getting out of here", but figuratively it means "look at me aren't I gorgeous?!" or something along those lines... it's one of those local phrases I have trouble "getting" and my friends have to frequently explain! (I actually have a friend who is my walking dictionary, lol!)

    Rhonda, according to the program there were 91 x 2 ninots participating, two per Hoguera! I won't be able to visit all of them around town, but I'll try to get to as many as possible for you guys! ;o)

  6. I love both the translations!

    Thanks Cris, you know how much I enjoy seeing these photos and I know you'll share as much as you can. Maybe one day I'll be able to see it in person, that would be so cool. For now, you are a fabulous guide!

  7. You're Welcome!

    and awww thx! :o)


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