24 Jun 2010

Hogueras by night, SJ-1

The 23rd is the best night to go out partying since the 24th is a holiday and there are no worries about "getting up" the next morning... ;o) 

I unfortunately killed my camera battery by spending another 4h out and about in the afternoon photographing the Hogueras that are in the "outer radius" (in other words can't get from one big one to the other on foot, went around in the car, losing myself in neighbourhoods I'd never been in and going through the nightmare of finding a parking space -several slightly less than legal, oops!- at each Hoguera). So no camera for my night out on the town... but thank you technology gods for decent cameras on cell phones!

So home at 5 a.m.... and since had no time between returning from visiting Hogueras to going out de fiesta, no time to edit and show you more Hogueras photos, so just a couple of nighttime shots from my cellphone:

Hoguera Calvo Sotelo

And here's one of the "barracas" associated with this Hoguera where I had dinner and danced well into the night (4h30 a.m.) with friends who booked a table there for the whole week:

Result: great spirits, but dead feet and back after hours of visiting Hogueras and then hours of dancing! :o)

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