3 Jul 2010

Missing: a crazy redheaded blogger!

So, as you probably noticed, it's been a bit quiet around here... I just had a fabulous week of real life getting in the way of blogging! 

No time to recuperate from Hogueras... last Saturday was an all day bachelor/bachelorette party for a couple of friends of mine. We greeted them in the morning with a mariachi band...


and then waltzed around town -San Vicente- until the church plaza and danced and sang and had a blast until we moved the fiesta elsewhere... until past 2 a.m.!

with the future bride, one of my best friends!

On Monday a couple of Belgian friends arrived for the week and I took them down to the beach for a night of fireworks from our summer competition.

It wasn't the best I've seen here (nor the best of the week), but it was still over 20' of impressive light and sound!!! :o)

I like having visitors, it gives me a chance to visit spots I haven't been to in a while. Like these (very cold!) river and waterfalls at a place called "Las Fuentes del Algar":

I haven't been there in 5 years, and with all the rain we had this spring the place is beautiful right now!

Another place I haven't been in a really long time is Tabarca, the island in the bay across from Alicante. 

Well, I haven't been ON it... I did go scuba diving last summer! ;o) This time we went snorkeling...

but before then ate waaay too much of the delicious local cuisine...

entrada: gambitas y pescaditos fritos

primer plato: caldero de gallina (a kind of rockfish)

segundo plato: arroz abanda (made with the broth from above fish)

Hopefully with all this time out in the sun (covered in sunscreen mind you!), I'll reduce a bit of this contrast:

but considering my natural colours... probably not! lol!

Vacation's over and I've got a massive amount of English classes starting up this week, so as soon as I've got those ready I'll get back to sharing images of the Hogueras with you! All this of course after I watch Spain keep winning its way towards the World Cup Championship (1/4F tonight against Paraguay!), and Nadal get his second Wimbledon trophy tomorrow! ;o)

ohé! ohé! ohé! ohéeeeee!!!!


  1. I just sent an email to you congratulating you on Spain's win over Paraguay!!! Yayy! Now I have someone to root for in the World Cup. Here's hoping. And I love those pictures, thanks for coming back and showing me my favorite redhead!!!

  2. Thx! I love hearing that I'm someone's favourite redhead! :o)

    Wow now that was an intense match!!! At least the 2nd half... the 1st half a bit boring... :p
    But there's another blasted referee who can't do his job! That's 3 this week!!! He missed a bunch of faults, then gave a Paraguayan player a yellow card which should have been red and automatic expulsion. Then he cancelled our penalty goal and made us re-shoot it (which failed) because someone moved too soon... then in the re-shoot he failed to take note of another major fault which should have given us another penalty shot and led to the expulsion of Paraguay's goalkeeper! We were jumping up and down yelling and celebrating the cancelled goal and I can tell you those next minutes were a major drop in adrenaline... totally zombied out!

    Then our hero David Villa (who is now top scorer for this World Cup and has scored all our goals this year) managed to recuperate a shot that had hit the goalpost and bounced out... his hit the goalpost and bounced in and GOOOOOOL!!! The whole city was in an uproar! You could hear firecrackers going off everywhere, yells from all the balconies, car horns honking... "VILLA! VILLA! VILLA MARAVILLA!!!" between him and our wonderful goalie "San Iker Casillas" (who stopped a Paraguayan penalty shot) we plan to make it all the way and take that cup HOME!!! :o)

  3. When I saw your title - I thought you were talking about me....LOL!!

    Sounds like you've been having a ton of fun. I'm so jealous of you - you're so fortunate to live by the sea.

  4. Well, it looks like a grand time was had by all and I'm so glad you got to play "tourist" in your area. I used to love when people would come visit me in Florida, it meant I got to go visit places that I adore over and over again.

  5. FUN yes! :o)

    but am exhausted! very little time available to prepare my classes, and next to no time for the internet and the blogs! :s

    this week I've got cousins visiting... including two 8-year olds which require A LOT of energy to keep up with! :p


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