9 Jul 2009

Monthly Movies: June'09

Yikes! Am running late with this one! Between all the Hogueras posting and the fact that not much happened movie wise in June... oh well! So, here goes...

I think in June I must have been compensating for all those movies I saw in May, lol! Either that or there was just nothing new worth watching on-screen... we'll be generous and say the former! ;o)

There were two movies I did enjoy immensly, a third not so much.

Terminator Salvation (otherwise known as T-4) which I already wrote about here, when I returned from the cinema. A month later... I still think it was pretty good and I look forward (hopeful) to a future installement!

Slumdog Millionaire - what? again?! Yup! This one's a repeat from a couple of months before (my thoughts on that here). Why? Well simple, it wasn't dubbed!!! I got the chance to see it in the original version (so a mix of Hindi and English -w/ Spanish subs) and it's just soooo much better! Went with a friend who'd also seen it before... we both enjoyed it even more that our first time!

New In Town (Ejecutiva en Apuros in Spanish) - Ouch! This is why I have to remember to read reviews before heading into movies I know nothing about! In my defense, I was a bit iffy on it -René Zellweger doesn't have my complete confidence...- but the Alicante movie website had Nathan Fillion starring in it and I sooo trust him in his choice of projects! Plus I just enjoy his work so much (see Firefly, Serenity, Castle...). Well that website LIED!!! He wasn't there!!! :o( And that rom-com was just scary-bad... so predictable, the characters so shallow... they gave you no reason to feel for them, no understanding of where they were coming from as a character so how you could appreciate their evolution? pfffffft.... Probably would have been quite a bit funnier in English what with the cultural shock game and the funky small-town Minnesota accents and vocab... but all that was lost in translation!

July looks like it will be a bit better... I'm trying to find someone who wants to see "Coco avant Channel" with me (in Spanish, sigh! I miss hearing French!), stars Audrey Tatou (Amélie), looks good! And then Harry Potter in 10 days when I get to London, yay!!! I wish I could add "Public Ennemies" to that list, but it won't hit Spanish screens until August 15th! But you can bet my Dad and I will be there on opening night! Johnny Depp + Christian Bale?! A MUST SEE!!! Add in Marion Cotillard and that it's by Michael Mann... wouldn't miss it for the world!

So, until next month!

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