5 Jul 2009

Writing another page in the (tennis) history books!


(from ATP website)

After finally completing the career Grand Slam at Roland Garros last month, Federer now stands alone in number of singles Grand Slam titles... after a grueling 5-set match against Andy Roddick, Roger Federer won his 6th Wimbledon title to total 15 Grand Slam wins (and he did it in 6 years, beating Pete Sampras' record of 14 over 13 years, with the man himself in the public watching his record go bye-bye! lol!). (photo from NYTimes website by Suki / European Press Agency)

(from ATP website)

Boy I wish I could have seen it! :o(

Damn Canal + for not showing it "en abierto" on their Canal 4! But thanks Wimbledon Radio, even though it's a lot harder to follow a match with your ears instead of your eyes, still they made it a very fun experience (I heard the last two sets) with a high degree of excitement. I thought that last set would never end (I was impatient to head down to the pool before the sun set, lol!)! 16-14?! wow! And all those aces?! Yikes! Wouldn't have wanted to be on the receiving end of those!

The ATP official website has got a Roger tribute up and running, lots of interesting articles such as "Federer's Road to Grand Slam Greatness" and "Sampras' Tribute to Federer". Plus those really cool photo montajes above and here below! ;o)

I'm so happy for Roger, but of course Rafa fans will be a bit sad today because with this win Federer regains his number 1 rank. So the rivalry for the top spot is still alive, I hope Rafa's knee is better and he gives us an exciting hard-court season! Rafa vs Roger at the US Open final anyone? ;o)


  1. But Martina Navratilova won 18 Grand Slam singles titles - and for some reason no one on the BBC mentioned that!

  2. I know, Vamos Nadal!

    I was watching it online through BBC (can you not get that?) ANyway, it was truly edge of your seat stuff. I honestly thought Roddick was going to crumble after the third set but he really was a good runner up. Very happy for Roger who is a great sportsman but real kudos to Roddick - he was amazing too and such a committed tennis player. It was really sad that someone had to lose. Did you get to have your swim?

  3. and Steffi Graff won 22 Grand Slam singles titles!!! (just behind headliner Margaret Court with 24) no one seems to remember her anymore either! :s

    men-centric world! :o(

    O, I didn't try, but I have other years and it wasn't available in my region (either Belgium or here) because the TV channel paid to have exclusive rights. You could get it on their website but also pay-per-view, and not cheap! :o(

    yup! got a lovely swim in! Just missed out being able to dry out in some warm sunshine with my book afterwards, so came straight up to the shower. :p

  4. ps. also have you seen Ron Weasley had swine flu? apparently he is all better though and is still coming to the premier on tuesday. Typical man flu...

  5. NO!!! Didn't hear about that! What happened, Malfoy curse him with a pig-nose? ;o)


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