19 Jul 2009

Alicante Summers...

An absolute must for surviving the Alicante summer:


Think partially frozen lemonade... like a slushie perhaps? Is one of the few things my cousin in Virginia remembers from the summer she spent here with us when we were both 10! ;o)


  1. Am back from the spanish summer! It was all about Gazpacho soup for me but that does look nice. Like an Italian granita. Yum!

  2. Gazpacho and I don't get along... it insists on having red peppers as a key ingredient in spite of my pleas to the contrary!

    Yeah, I think I had something similar to granizados in Tasmania and they called them "granitas" as well!

  3. That looks yummy & refreshing! I love a big squirt of lime or lemon juice in my ice water.

    About the loading problem... I have received a comment on today's post from another follower and it loads for me. I haven't changed anything on the page either. I did go from IE to Firefox today, but that wouldn't affect you. Are you clicking on it from your dashboard? www.lilyrobinson.com

    I'll have a couple of others check it out...

  4. I check with some others and nobody is having trouble with loading my essays blog. Do you use Internet Explorer? Some people that had similar problems were using IE and switched browsers. That's what my last blog was about. I switched today to Firefox and all my blogger problems disappeared, and it's faster!

  5. Nope, I stopped using IE the day Firefox came out and haven't looked back!

    I still get "page load error, can't find the server" really weird! :o( I'll try it with Safari see if it makes a difference... Nope, Safari can't find it either! Maybe it's getting lost crossing the Atlantic? grrrrrr

  6. I love them both — lemon granitas and Gazpacho. I make killer gazpacho, sorry you can't take the peppers. It is so refreshing on a hot day and full of body fuel.

    Cris- think California beaches for a full day — it is the best!

  7. Hey there,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. The heat usually has me ordering a drink that has something to do with lime, and so, I read your post,and thought....ah, tender coconut water is what we would have in my world!

    ~~~The grey cells are at odds with each other today~~~

  8. tender coconut water? sounds interesting!

    welcome to my crazy piece of the blogosphere! :p

  9. Thanks for stopping by, and though I did reply to you on my page, I figured it's only fair if I spoke about the coconut water here.

    Thanks to wiki, I won't launch into a long winded explanation. :-)


    What can I say, a very refreshing and natural drink. Come to tropical land, and your curiosity will be satisfied.

  10. sounds yummy!

    I've been to a tropical land (Mexico), but wasn't in a "tasting" frame of mind back then... ;o)

  11. Oh my! ;-)

    And now that I'm following you around in your crazy world, I'll just lap it up, as it comes.

    Harry Potter is up next, I see.

  12. anyone crazy enough to hang around here is a welcome addition says I!

    in my world sane people = boring... the more crazyer the merrier! :p


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