2 Jul 2009

Visiting Hogueras: Infantiles

Hey! So far these posts have been pretty much all about the big kids! What about the youngsters in this city?! Well, they have their place too (and not just carrying flowers to the Virgin). Each Hoguera chooses a young Belleza Infantil and an Hoguera Infantil (for the children) is built right next to the big one! When the time comes to burn it the Belleza Infantil will light the fuse and burn her Hoguera before it's the big one's turn.

And here are some pics of a few of them (I always forget these, oops! Some of them are quite beautiful!). As before we'll start off with the 3rd Category.

First off Hoguera Alicante Golf with the theme "L'Olimp del Foc" (Fire Olympia):

Here's the infantil for Hoguera Av. Costablanca Entreplayas (my neighbourhood, another fitting submission for World Oceans Day!):

And the Hoguera Explanada Puerto Postiguet with the theme "Zooil-logic" (Illogical Zoo) in which a family upon a visit to the Zoo discovers that something's not right...

On to the "Categoría Especial" with the Hoguera Port d'Alacant:

and the Hoguera Calvo Sotelo showing us the path "Del Olimpo a les fogueres" (from Mt Olympus to the Hogueras).

Here's an Ode to Superheroes at the Hoguera Hernán Cortés:

And finally, my favourite at the Hoguera Florida Portazgo (big winner in the adult category), a celebration of all the local holidays in Alicante.

Bellea as a mermaid...
holding the Fire of Hogueras:

A Christian and Moorish soldiers from the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos

Participants in the Holy Week processions

The Three Kings (who bring gifts to children at the Epiphany, no Santa Claus here!)

The Romería a la Santa Faz

The Gigantes y Cabezudos (from the parade the other day!)

and if you can understand Spanish, here's a tale about several of them:


  1. You should do a book on this festival!

  2. hmmm... now there's an idea! ;o)


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