5 Jul 2009

Alicante Summers...

I'm starting up a new blog series here!

Every Sunday in July and August I'm going to share a slice of Alicante summer with you! Don't worry, I promise not to send you any mosquitos, heat-wave, or muggy air! Just the nice stuff to remind myself how great it is here (when I ignore the humid heat) and to make you all jealous! ;o)

First off: FIRE!!!

Fire for the Summer HEAT, and Fire for the Hogueras that ended 10 days ago. Ended in Alicante that is! Several neighbouring towns will be having their own Hogueras throughout the summer (but a much smaller deal, less insistence on the monuments, more on the "barracas" and getting together to eat, drink and dance outdoors!), starting with San Vicente del Raspeig (where the Uni is, just on the other side of the highway) in 2 weeks! And since I have friends with a Barraca... guess what I'll be doing that weekend? ;o)

And fire as in FIREWORKS!

I haven't had time to put up that post yet (I have to edit video sequences, and it comes after the CremĂ  post which also requires a few more video edits), but right after the Hogueras was a 5-night international fireworks competition launched from the beach downtown. In the Province of Alicante a holiday isn't a holiday unless it includes a decent dose of fireworks! This weekend I've been hearing "booms" in the distance (sound travels so far at night!), and it will continue to be so every weekend this summer! Depending on the town (or Alicante neighbourhood!) I can actually catch a sight of some of them from my windows! :o)

So, anyone else feel like sharing glimpses of what summer is like in their neck of the woods? ;o)


  1. Spend much time in the north of Spain, close to Barcelona and am glad to have found your site, learning about the remaining parts of Spain.
    Living in Athens, Greece know very well of moscitos and fire, heat as well...nevertheless, enjoy your photography much.
    Please have a nice start into the new week.

  2. I'm enjoying our 'cold' snap. Even though it was still almost 80 today! At least there's always a nice breeze blowing across the pasture.

  3. I'm glad to share my corner of the country with those who don't know it! For now it will just be this area, I don't have the time or resources this summer to do any travelling through other parts of the Peninsula.

    Athens? Greece?! :o) Very high up on my list of MUST GO VISIT!!! But I know better than to do that in the summer... ;o)

    In the summer anything that brings the mercury down even a little bit is a relief!

  4. Here the summer is ending and monsoon is starting...so the temperature is falling from 45 degrees to around 25 degrees.Enjoying the rainy season now... the summer in Spain with all those pictures is spectacular! Thanks..

  5. Summer over already?

    How much does it rain during monsoon season? Is it an every day thing? When I lived in Mexico City it rained every day from May to September from 3pm to 4pm... like clockwork! :p

  6. Thank you for promising not to send heat,humidity, and mosquitoes our way, we have plenty thank you.

    I'm excited about the new series and looking forward to more of your great photos. The ones of the fireworks are amazing!

    I saw the fire and thought, oh good, I'm going to find out which ninot was spared, but I see you're going to make me be patient a while longer…sigh.

  7. indeed Rhonda.. I just enjoy teasing you too much! but don't worry, almost there! ;o)

    (if only editing this stuff didn't take so long! or real life didn't keep getting in the way of blogging! argh!!!)

  8. Anonymous7/7/09 02:27

    Nice fireworks pix! Well, you know I'm dealing with rain and chilly willy weather so far this summer!

  9. yup... if you want I'm sure we'd be willing to take a few of those chilly degrees and some of that rain off your hands! ;o)

    PS: but we only accept rain from midnight to 7am! :p

  10. I knew you were a tease. But, you're right blogging does take a lot of time, especially with all the photo editing. AND you do a lot of photos! Plus, you do so much research and writing. Your efforts are much appreciated by your readers.

    I don't know how some run three or fours blogs, I'd never get any sleep.

  11. CrazyCris: Cool pictures!


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