1 Jul 2009

Potter Wednesdays: The Chamber of Secrets

Enemies of the Heir Beware!

The Chamber hath once again reopened its doors and the evil within shall strike down those unworthy to grace the halls of Hogwarts!

O.k., I'm going to start by saying this is my least favourite Harry Potter novel, and so ditto movie (no reflection on the quality of the film or the adaptation or anything else, I just didn't care for the original story!). In fact the movie got on my nerves in such a way as I'd say makes it a very faithful adaptation of the novel! ;o) I couldn't stand the character of Gilderoy Lockhart (but bravo Kenneth Branagh, great job!) the new DADA teacher (defense against the dark arts), and Dobby is very annoying!

So in the spirit of whining and complaining, I'm going to start out with things I didn't like... such as: isn't this also the book with the terrible Halloween party with all the ghosts? (haven't read them in a while, I might have that mixed up) If so that would have been an awesome scene to watch! And I missed the scenes where they steal the ingredients of the Polyjuice Potion from Snape's cupboard! What's the use of having introduced Harry's invisibility cloak in film 1 if they don't use it as much as in the book? And that was definitely not my idea of what a basilisk should look like! Haven't they read any Greek mythology?! Also -and big point here- the book managed to portray very well how bad Harry felt that many of his classmates turned on him and suspected him of being the Heir of Slytherin since he spoke Parseltongue (while Fred and George enjoyed it immensly! "Watch out! Heir of Slytherin coming through!")... in the movie there were barely a few annoying looks and whispers! Plus I wanted to see the History of Magic class with its ghostly professor who could probably kill you of boredom with his droning voice, I wanted to see the class wake up and pay attention when Hermione manages to break the monotony by quizzing him about the Chamber of Secrets (and not in McGonagall's class!).

Still... it was the last movie to feature a quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor so there is that going for it... And kudos for welcoming in Ginny Weasly, poor girl should have known better than to mess with a book that has a mind of its own! Who said books weren't dangerous? ;o) Was also fun to get a peak into the Weasly's house (although we didn't get to stay long enough, snif!).
Favourite moment: Snape disarming a cocky Lockhart in the duelling lesson!


Next week, my favourite (I think) in the series: The Prisoner of Azkaban! :o)


  1. I must get you and Dani together! Marine Biologist & Harry Potter? Two peas in a pod...

  2. Just send her my way! ;o)

  3. I love movies, but you're right, it's always annoying when something isn't how you imagined... be it the basilisk or the beauty of Helen or the broody Mr Rochester.

    Did you see Hermione has made £10m from being in the HP movies? It's certainly alright for some (she is much prettier than the Hermione I imagined with mousy, tangled hair and crooked teeth)

  4. Only £10m?! For 6 movies? They've got their stars cheap!

    Yeah, I imagined her less pretty as well, at least until she grows out of it at the Yule Ball. In the movies she looks a lot nice way to early.

    Hmmm... add Legolas to that list of "not how you imagined"! :p

  5. I would have liked to see the class of ghost teacher explaning about the Basilisk as well! You are so right about Lockhart..


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