29 Jul 2009

Potter Wednesdays: Half-Blood Prince

It's time for the final Potter Wednesday! Until next year that is when I can start a countdown to Deathly Hallows! But that one will be with the books... :p

So I got to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend with my sister in London, which is a double YAY!!! for me! One because of the excellent company, and two because it wasn't dubbed and I got to hear Alan Rickman's voice!!! :o)

On to the movie...


Tears of laughter, tears of sadness.

A few quick thoughts:
  • Hormones in a rage.
  • Luna wearing Spectrespecs!
  • Ron on a broom (priceless!).
  • Lavender Brown... *shudder*
  • Harry and Ginny.
  • Poor Hermione!
  • Attack on the Burrow... new, unexpected and excellent!
  • Voldemort was creepy even as a child!

  • Draco Malfoy finally gets something to do!
  • Not impressed by Slughorn...

...how on earth are people who haven't read the books going to understand what happens next?! I mean, how is Harry supposed to know what objects to look for as horcruxes? They left out too many of the visits to Tom Riddle's past in the pensieve... visits that were what informed Dumbledore and Harry on the special nature of the objects Riddle chose as hosts for his horcruxes!

Ooops moment (will watch my words with this so as not to give away a major spoiler for next film, those who have read book 7 will understand):
  • That scene Astronomy tower (the encounter that never happened in the book) gives away waaaaay too much!!!

Negative points:
  • Not enough Ginny.
  • I really wanted to see the meeting between the Minister of Magic and the new British PM! :p
  • I understand the reasons for the lack of funeral and fight (I'm guessing budget) , but I really missed them!!! Particularly the fight between the members of the D.A. and the Death Eaters! grrr... A Weasly was supposed to get bitten by Fenrir!

All in all I really enjoyed the movie (my sister complained that I laughed too loud and quite often!) even if I think the ending kind of resulted in an overall drop in quality (would have been sooo much better with the battle!). Now I have to ponder on wether or not to re-read the book... might be frustrating but it will be nice to re-visit all those moments that were left out! :p


  1. Hey, I watched the film over the weekend too, and enjoyed it, but then again I'm one of them neutral Harry beings(is there such a thing?...well, now there is!).

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, or is it over already? I haven't been counting. :-)

  2. Yup, it's over!

    But then I live in "vacation-land" (you should see the hordes of tourists poring out of the airport) and my sister is here for a surprise visit (from New Zealand!) so I guess I won't be working too hard over the next week or so... :p

    I just have to find time to write up a little something here about London!

  3. Totally agree about the end - I really missed the battle. Why did the Death Eaters even bother coming?!

    I did laugh a lot though - my brother had to remind me to breathe during the hospital scene!

  4. Oh yeah, all that love potion stuff was roll-on-the-floor funny! :p

  5. I was waiting for your review!! I Totally agree with you...I like whole movie ingeneral but the ending was really very bad!!

  6. Pra, I think the ending was only bad for those who have read the book... I've been thinking back on it while talking to a friend who wants to go see it (but hasn't read the books), and I don't think she'll find anthing lacking. It might be harder to explain certain things in the next movie though... :p


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