16 Jul 2009

Remembering Potter characters...

Need a reminder of who the various characters are before you go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

There are so many it can get a bit confusing at times! So just head on over to IGN to catch up on the Top 25 Harry Potter characters (or at least their top 25 selection). Spoilers up to movie 5!

Who are your favourite Harry Potter characters?

Mine are Snape and Lupin!

I found my suspicions of Snape confirmed in the final book and so enjoyed the character even more, but as much as I enjoy Alan Rickman's performance best of all, my favourite character still has to be the wonderful Professor Lupin! It's a pity he appears less and less in subsequent films (we interact a bit more with him in the books).

Oh, and as a post-script... did you hear about Daniel Radcliffe's interview with an 11 year-old reporter?! Lovely story! It's at NyMagazine.


  1. Snape and Lupin are my favourites too! (I have to confess, when I read the books, the Lupin in my head was a bit... sexier... :) )

  2. I like Snape and Dumbledore (1st and 2nd movie)Bellatrix is also perfect!

  3. Hey, have you seen Half blood prince yet?I have seen it!! It is o.k. I did not like the end..

  4. Nah Juliette, I was happy with the Lupin I got onscreen! ;o)

    hehehe... yup, Bellatrix is perfectly EVIL!!! muahahahaha!

    Nope Pra, I haven't seen HBP yet! I'm (imp)patiently waiting until next weekend when I visit my sister in London! I'd rather wait and see it in English than see it here now in Spanish! (all films here are dubbed)


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