4 Jul 2009

Happy 4th of July!

For those of you across the pond:

I'm heading off to a BBQ with my parents. I hear there will be live music, no fireworks though (daytime) so I'll have to make do with memories and...


  1. Later I will post some fireworks video just for you! My daughter had a birthday party/BBQ yesterday.

  2. sounds like a great excuse for a party! ;o)

    I look forward to seeing them! :o)

  3. Well you have had plenty of fireworks lately! Have a nice time with your parents.

  4. That I have! after 5 nights in a row to finish off June, I can't really complain for a lack of lights in the sky tonight, can I? well actually, I can! ;o)


  5. Even though fireworks are traditional, I have recently learned how poisionous they are both when they are burned and when they are manufactured. Laser light shows give us the colorful lights without the toxins.

    Nice site! Glad I found it.

  6. i LOVE fireworks !!! and BBQ :) enjoy the time with your parents :)

  7. Hello Poet! Welcome to the crazyness!

    Yeah, I'll admit that fireworks aren't the most environmentally friendly activity out there, but then I remember how much fun they are, how they impact 3 senses all at once (sight, hearing, smell) and altough light shows are cool they just don't have the same visceral impact on the viewer! And as we say in Spain "Una vez al año, no hace daño!" (Once a year, no harm done! although it usually refers to overindulging in the food category, lol!)

    Hmmm... I wonder how much light shows cost compared to fireworks shows? I've always imagined them to be prohibitively expensive! :s

  8. Thanks Nikina! Let's say I had an interesting time... (it was a meal hosted by the Navy League here, and they would have done better if they hadn't tried for a "typical" american meal... which consisted of dry hamburgers -no cheese!- bbqd chicken legs, ribs and french fries... voilà! Why not adopt local ingredients? there's nothing better than bbqd lamb chops!!!) but the company was good so all's well that ends well!


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