12 Jul 2009

Alicante Summers...

Last week was fire... and heat... inextricable elements from an Alicante summer.

So what do you do when all that gets to be too much? Anyone know the element that defeats fire?


People don't come to Alicante for the heat... they come for the Mediterranean! For those long sandy beaches where you can bask in the sun to your heart's content (and turn into a lobster if you're not careful, lol!) and play in the surf and sand...

Or for the rocky beaches and coves where you can just dive into the blue and be instantly refreshed.

Where you can put on snorkel, mask and fins and say hello to the fishies munching on the algae or hiding amid the Posidonia oceanica leaves.


  1. Anonymous12/7/09 15:50

    Beautiful! I am definitely a fish out of water here...thank goodness I have the lakes!

  2. I never had this until I came to live here in '95... but it's amazing how quickly the "good life" can spoil you rotten... I feel "parched" now when I live away from the sea! (and I have more trouble jumping into cold water than I did before I came here)

  3. I am with you on this post. Water is my thing. Swimming, snorkeling, or just looking at it. Heaven.

  4. Anonymous12/7/09 23:07

    Fitness club email!

  5. my birth "element" is supposed to be fire... but I've always been much more at home in the water!

  6. I am so jealous of you living so close to the Mediterranean. I could easily get used to that life - except for the sand of course.

    How was your first dive of the season?

  7. That's why I am glad to be living here in Greece, eventhough many times way too hot here too!
    If all gets to be too much, yes, I too, go swimming.
    Have a nice new week.

  8. Hey Robert! Yeah, sometimes the heat on the Mediterranean coast can be rather unbearable! I know it's hotter other places, but when you combine those 30+ degrees C with that dang humidity... let's just be REAL thankful for that water!!!

    Dive Girl, that's why I prefer the beach below my house, mostly slabs of rocks (it's a petrified beach) and almost no sand!
    And it was a lovely dive! Very relaxing! Just a bit too far up the coast for my taste (1h 1/2 drive) so what with gas, tolls, equipment rental (and renewing insurance) and lunch came out to be an expensive day... Dangit, I was going to write about it yesterday but got hung up with having visitors! oops! And Obama is still waiting for my post... I'm sooo behind! :p

  9. I love seeing these pictures, the beaches are beautiful.

    Now you know here in Florida we have all that heat and humidity, but you can't go swimming to cool off. I just checked the NODC website and the water temp today is 90 degrees F. Not exactly refreshing.

    That's what I miss the most about California, the water temp in Monterey today is 61 F. I love the Pacific!

  10. 61F is waaaay to cold for me! I might be able to deal with it if I could dive in and swim strait away, but to wade into water that cold?! Yikes!

    And the Mediterranean is already warming up to the point where it doesn't really cool you off that much... and the pool is even warmer! But at least that means my evening swims are pleasant!

  11. Hi Chris,

    Just came by to say hello hope you are doing well and enjoying summe.



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