31 Dec 2010


Here and There and Everywhere is going to be taking a series of naps over the next month!

I'm not going to have regular internet access or much time to spend on a computer until I get back to Alicante at the end of January, and I'm going to be focussing my blogging energy over at CrisCrossing the Globe where I'll go on and on and on (and on and on!) about the wonders of New Zealand (whenever I find time + internet). ;o)

I'll try to get a couple of posts I've got in draft, almost finished, here and space them out over the next couple of weeks. Maybe plop in the occasional random image, like this one:

Buster, another impediment to blogging while in New Zealand!

But otherwise all will be silent on this blogging front. Please come join me over at the other place if you're interested in travelling! If you know people who are interested in travelling (and hiking and scuba diving since there will be posts on that, have already done 2 fabulous dives!) or curious about New Zealand then point them my way! There should be a couple of posts of particular interest to Lord of the Rings fans... :D

in Matamata -location for Hobbiton- in Jan'08

This sadly means I have even less time than recently to go browsing your blogs (snif!!!) and I'm afraid I'll miss some fabulous stuff! So could you do me a favour? If you write a post you're particularly proud of, or think it would be my cup of tea (you know, the kind of posts I've commented on before), could you link me to it here in the comments? That way I can slowly get around to them whenever I have time, or once back in Spain and I won't miss out on all the fun! ;o)

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones! And have fabulous plans to celebrate New Year's Eve tonight! I'll just be having dinner with my sister and some friends. We'll uncork some French champagne I got at the airport (bonus of leaving from France, lol!), eat our 12 grapes... and then sleep! We're starting off 2011 with a massive hike called the Tongariro Crossing! Supposed to be the best all-day hike in New Zealand, and bonus points for movie-obsessed me, it's where they filmed the Mount Doom parts of Lord of the Rings! :D


  1. Well, I may just have to head over there, Cris, so I won't miss anything. I am somehow so overextended here in Blogland that I really resist signing up for another one, even for YOU! But I will send you a message if I feel you must read one of my own very special blogs. :-)

  2. A lot of TV and books coming up on mine I think - how do you feel about The X Files?! I found a really good bloggable episode of that a few weeks ago. And I got a lot of Star Trek for Christmas ;)

  3. See you over at your other place...looking forward to hearing about NZ diving. That's on one of my to-do travel lists.

  4. Geesh! It's hard to keep up with you. I finally make it over here, and now you're over there. Guess that's why your blog has 'that' name.

    My laptop often succumbs to that same beastly problem... her name is Mickey.

    I'll see you over there...

  5. I spent so much time preparing the three posts for over here, I only managed to get one out for over there!
    I just have a brief internet connection now... so posts will be appearing...

    @Dive Girl, the diving was FANTASTIC!

    @DJan, you'll love the hiking... A fabulous 20km, 8h hike called the Tongariro Crossing... volcanoes!!! and Mt Taranaki... awesome being above clouds!!!

    @Lily, I never knew cats could be so computer-savvy! :p

    @Juliette: LOVE X-Files!!! And Star Trek of course!


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