8 Dec 2010

MORE snow?!?!?!

This is utter madness! This is my 10th Fall in Liège and I've NEVER seen anything like this, never before Christmas, and never even this much or this long during "real" winter (although I missed the 2 worst ones of the past ten years).

What am I going on about? You remember me complaining about the "slushy snow" that was raining down on the city all day Sunday? The stuff that melted all the snow in town and has stopped me from making a snowman in my back yard? Well it never occurred to me that up on campus the situation would be any different. Silly me, I forgot that the Sart Tilman - our "hill" - is about 150m above the city (Liège is only 68m above sea level). And what was rain down here was probably snow up there! So basically it snowed all day Sunday, stayed freezing Monday, snowed again a bit yesterday... and here's the result:

You think that's white? Take a look at this!

And I don't know if this is a tree or a crystalline entity...

And how can this teeny-tiny branches hold so much snow on them???

Lol! My colourful self sticks out even more in this white background!

Anyone care to guess which direction the wind was blowing from? It's pretty obvious (and weird!) when you look at the tree trunks!

I thought this tree was magnificent:

The sky today was just one big snow-filled cloud (and it started snowing right then), so you can barely make out the horizon!

I showed you pictures of these two guys the other day (bull, statue):

They're quite a bit whiter now! ;o)

Time to get out of here and head downtown before this new snowfall paralyses the buses...

It was snowing in town too... there's snow again -albeit not much- in the garden, and more predicted for tomorrow. Perhaps I'll get my garden snowman after all? ;o)


  1. Be careful what you wish for! What a beautiful winter wonderland, though. Yes, you do stick out, LOL. I LOVE the closeup pictures, too!

  2. Pretty!!! I wish it would snow (just a little) here. We're into December and we're still getting temperatures in the 50's and 60's (Fahrenheit)- it's madness! I'm so ready for cold weather!
    You're lucky and you got some wonderful pictures - though I hope the weather doesn't get too harsh for you!

  3. As much as I hate snow, it is VERY pretty. I love the photo of the snow on the tree trunk - cool.

  4. Coool!!!
    so beatiful!! I wish it would snow here as well! ;-)

  5. Nice!!! but... I recognise it!!! it's that damn same snow that crippled paris the day before!
    And I'm quite glad it did!! So much fun!!!!

    Pacodeburgos / madscientist

  6. Oh my, all these snow pictures you've been posting are making me very cold! It's not snowing here, but tonight it will be only 24F in Orlando and not much warmer here in Tampa. Brrr……if it's going to be this cold, at least we should have something white falling around us.

  7. DJan, be careful what you wish for indeed! But it's soooo pretty!!! :D And makes for such nice pictures! ;o)

    Nicky, I don't remember what Farenheit is! Ironic considering I just did a text on temperature and various scales with my students today. But ºF is still just a number to me! lol! But I remember warm winters in Mexico wishing for a "White Christmas"... And this year I'm getting a White pre-Christmas! :D

    Dive Girl, you have to live with much worse conditions than this up in Canada so I imagine it can be nightmareish! Since I don't have to worry about a car, and the "worst" of it should be after I'm gone, I just get the fun part! Playing and photos! :o)

    Marta: still nothing? Not even up on the mountains behind Barcelona? que raro!

    Hey Pacooooo!!! Yeah, I heard about Paris being crippled by the snow... yikes! I'm betting you didn't go to work by bike that day! :p

    Rhonda, I totally agree! If you've got to deal with the nastyness of cold, at least make it pretty!!! I used to complain about that all the time when I lived here in Liège before. :D


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