18 Dec 2010

Snowy Friday

So yesterday morning I quickly posted a couple of pics of the view from my bedroom window and said I was wondering what would be waiting for me 150m higher up on the university campus... well, here's the answer:

That's the view from within the bus, was a bit thicker down below and the bus was having so much trouble making it up the hill for a moment I thought he'd pull over and say "time to walk guys!". It was snowing hard, and from my stop to class I got covered in snow!

But when I got out of my first class at noon, no more clouds, gorgeous sunshine, and everything looked lovely!!!


The light was so great I wished I could have gone for a photographic walk through the woods, but still had another class to teach (my last Friday classes! snif!). When I got out of that one at 15h30 I ran into my students at the bus stop... and ended up having to dodge snowballs! lol!

Since there was still some light out and the weather was lovely I decided to stick around campus for a bit and go look for two spots I really like and hadn't taken photos of yet. So I headed under this gorgeous canopy (and trying not to slip and fall on my ass!):

And found my way to this lovely little pond (sadly in the shade, so colours not great):

I even had Pol the octopod with me so got in a "group" shot of the two of us! :p

I imagine you've noticed all the statues in my campus pictures. They're part of an open air sculpture exhibit, and one of my favourites is the lovely little lady sitting by this pond (click for bigger view):

Let's walk around it to get a closer look at her:

and I love the tree as well!

Gave me the chance to experiment with some macro shots:

As I was walking towards my second destination I ran into someone I knew from the University Choir years ago! It's a small world! So after catching up I took advantage of having a photographer hand to put myself in a decent picture:

And here's my second favourite "statue" (or group of statues):

They remind me of a scene from a book (also a movie, but I'm not sure if that scene made it into the movie). Can anybody guess which scene it is? Perhaps a closeup might help:

Leave your guesses in the comments! Pol and I say "Good Weekend!" and will be back with more snowy fun from downtown... ;o)


  1. Are they Indians? I love the pictures with the snow, Cris! They are so incredibly beautiful, and you are looking quite spiffy yourself!

  2. Nope, not Indians! Need to think more along the lines of the fantasy realm! ;o)

    Thanks for the compliment! I'm having a blast with all this snow, even if I've had to give up on my last 2 hikes with the group because I've been too tired and have too much work pending (because of all the time spent playing in the snow, lol!)


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