17 Dec 2010

Morning whiteness

Here's the view out my window at 8h30 this morning:

Did someone drop a bucket of snow on us during the night??? There wasn't nearly that much when I went to bed! The campus is 150m higher up, so is probably going to look like a ski resort! :p

Maybe I will get to make my snowman after all... :D


  1. You have a lovely view from your room. I am looking now at many trees, most of them tall pine trees so they are green. It is sunny and today will be 50 degree (10 C) which is not bad. You have some very pretty photos of the snow. Stay warm.

  2. Okay, now you're just making me cold! Lovely view and lovely weather for YOU! Brrr…

    Yes, a snowman!

  3. Vagabonde, the view is one of the best things about this room! :o)

    Rhonda, cold? Try FREEZING!!! :p

    And the "snowman" is all done! One more post before he goes up. ;o)


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