16 Dec 2010


File this under the category "Be careful what you wish for"...

When I got up to Campus on Monday for my first class of the week, I was complaining how ugly everything looked with the snow all gone (melted with the *slightly* warmer weekend temperatures and rain) and how it was no fun dealing with below freezing temperatures if you couldn't at least have pretty snow!

Yeah well... several hours later it started snowing! Not much, just a few centimetres to make the place all white and shiny the next morning. But then Tuesday evening... aye! aye! aye!!! When I got up Wednesday morning: snow in town, so even more snow up on the hill! Plus it started snowing again during my first class, and I had to cross the whole bloody campus while it was snowing! (if it had been raining I would say pouring!)

Not that I minded all that much as you can tell from the grin on my face:

Athough I must say, this guy seemed even less perturbed than I was by the snow!

At one point there were lovely large snowflakes, perfect for trying to catch them on your tongue!

Tell me, how obvious is it that I'm really enjoying all this pre-Christmas snow? ;o)


  1. How wonderful! A crazy cris leprechaun right there in front of me! Have fun in the snow, and keep the pictures coming, they are awesome!

  2. Being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the U.P.) it tickles me to see someone be so thrilled with snow...we get LOTS here!!

  3. That is pure joy expressed so well! Glad you're enjoying all that snow, it finally started warming up here again, so I'm equally joyful!

  4. Joy... is there a stronger word? I'm ecstatic with all this snowy fun! I haven't had a "white" winter since January 1996, and that was only a weekend visiting my parents for Christmas break! (crazy snowfall in Washington DC) So yes Retired One, I'm THRILLED!!!
    (but then I don't have to deal with the downside of snow... jsut get the good stuff, lol!)


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