20 Dec 2010


So yesterday I finally got to make my snowman! I braved the snowstorm and enjoyed the last few rays of sunlight to play in the snow for a fun and exhausting hour (I forgot how tiring making a snowman is! lol!)
The garden before:

and after (seen from my bedroom window):

What's that? The tree branches are in the way? Oh well, I guess I'd better bring you outside and introduce you in person...

May I present, Mr Snowctopus!

What can I say... I couldn't find decent branches for a snowman's arms so got crazy and inspired and... there you go!

Of course, since 2010 is the Octopus year for Spanish football fans (campeones! campeones! ohé! ohé! ohééééééé!), well Mr Snowctopus deserves a decent uniform and a companion, so Pol volunteered:

Say cheese!!! :o)

Giddy fun!!! :p How do you like him? These feathered critters seem to be on the fence about him... 

And what's the result after a whole night of snowfall?

He blends even more into the background poor fellah!

Hmmm... what happened to his eyes?

Must fix this!


With those new eyes he's even more visible from my room:

I wonder what he'll look like tomorrow? ;o)

(PS: check this out, someone's selling fresh Belgian snow on eBay! lol!)


  1. Oh YES I like him! it was truly inspired...

  2. and so much fun to make! :o)

  3. I stopped by to see Pol in action. He sent me a note and said he is bored and wants to get out and explore some more. Maybe do a little geocaching?

  4. Well if Pol wants to do some geocaching... who am I to stop him? ;o)


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