21 Dec 2010

Final Snowy Solstice Morning

The sun rises on my final morning here, on the shortest day of the year. It’s colourful and magical, but I’m glad to be going. I’ve had fun in the snow –as you have probably noticed from my snowbsession these past few weeks-, but I’m glad to be heading south for the summer!

Early bird catches the worm they say… although berries would be more accurate! I finally found out what happened to my snowctopus’s eyes! Indeed, I caught the culprit red-beaked:

HA! Gotcha! I hope he enjoyed his early breakfast, cheeky blackbird! :p

Strategic retreat, although at some point he’ll head back down to finish off the other eye. I should have used coal…

Tonight I’m moving out to a friend’s apartment to be closer into town. Tomorrow morning I need to get up early to take a suitcase to the Post Office to have it mailed back to Spain (all my winter stuff, plus some chocolate and other goodies), head over to the bank to get some kiwi dollars, print my e-tickets and boarding cards and then catch a 13h45 train to Lille in France from where I get a TGV to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and then… I’m off! Up, up and away!!! New Zealand and a summer Christmas, here I come!!! :o)

(this would be the end of my snowbsession of the past month... I just realised I haven't written anything that didn't talk about snow since the end of February, lol!)


  1. Let us know if you get there all right, without the roof at CDG falling on your head! :)

  2. made it just fine! (if a bit EXHAUSTED!)

    the flight was 2h late leaving CDG because they had to de-ice the wings! It had started snowing again... I'm glad we left when we did, I think the place closed down again the next day! :s


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