10 Jan 2010

Snowy Alicante

Remember me complaining last month because I was missing the unique sight of seeing snowy mountains from the beach in Alicante? Well, guess what?!


This crazy cold front that's assaulting Europe hasn't left Alicante alone. A very crappy (weather-wise) Thursday led to snow all over the Peninsula, including the mountains around Alicante!!! :o) Here's what the mountains on the other side of town looked like:

Yesterday we headed up into them for lunch and to goof off, seeing the white tops get closer and closer

and then voilĂ !

Sure, I know it's not much for people used to snow every winter, but for Alicante it's amazing! And twice in the same winter?! Wow!

And 2-legged critters weren't the only ones enjoying the cold fun,

so did the four-legged-furry-critter!


'Twas such a beautiful day for it too...

Between snowball fights and snow-covered fields up north and this... I'm really enjoying my white winter!


Looking down towards Castalla:

PS: I've updated my Day 12 of Christmas post to include the video on the Three Kings Parade, go see!!!


  1. Gorgeous! My dad's house in Florida has no furnace. He's having a rough time of it. It got down to 3 degrees Fahrenheit here the other day! That's cold, even for me!

    I'll post my winter scenes soon.

  2. Yeah, we heard about that cold snap in Florida! Now there's one spot that's definitely not equipped to deal with it... (Alicante's not much better in the equipped department, houses not properly insulated, rarely any heating, and humid!)

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