16 Dec 2009

what Cris did her last night in Liege...

GO CRAZY!!!!          ;o)

Ok, I know I've been too busy to actually write about what I've been doing here these 4 months, I'll get to it eventually (short version: teaching scientific English at the University). But in a packing interlude (I'm leaving tomorrow) I just wanted to share a few photos of what I did my last evening here...

I woke up this morning happy to see this:


because I hoped it would be a sign of possible snow before I left tomorrow. I had an ice-covered car 2 days ago (took me 15' to defrost it!), and was really hoping to have some snowy, goofy fun before heading south to the snowless lands.

Well this evening I was meeting friends to go ice-skating at the outdoor (but covered, it rains a lot here!) rink downtown in the Christmas market, and as I left at 18h I saw this:


(there were some Brazilians out enjoying their first snow earlier, lol!)

So, big event of the evening:

crazyness on the ice!


Helping a friend skate for the first time:

Warming up later with melted cheese:

then admiring all the snow downtown (where it almost never sticks, this is pretty rare here):

trying to catch snowflakes:

and going crazy again:

Back up on campus there was even more snow:

I hope some of it's still there in the morning so I can get some daytime shots before I go!

Now I've got to get back to my packing, and looking forward to getting home in time to hopefully still see this:

Also quite rare, to have snow-covered mountains behind Alicante! (photo taken 2 days ago by my mom)


  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Skating is so much fun. Safe travels home...

  2. YAY SNOW... Oh what fun it is to...

  3. Snow! makes us feel like kids...they are calling for it here tomorrow...smiles.

  4. Wow, it looks like you had great fun and I'm glad to see you got to enjoy a bit of snow. As far as I'm concerned, that last photo is my absolute favorite (of course).

    Can't wait to see you back in Alicante though, I want to see Christmas in Spain!


  5. More snow this morning when I woke up at my friends' place in Nancy! :o)

    Not so nice later on the highway though... :p

    I am enjoying the brisk cold winter air... nice and dry! Alicante is chilly and -ugh- humid!

    Rhonda I will indeed tell you tales of Spanish Christmases, but here's a foretaste for you from last year!


  6. Hi Crazy Cris,

    Please visit my blog and pick up your award.
    I enjoy reading your blog very much.


  7. JUST in time!!! So glad you enjoyed it! My fave dish is Swiss fondue, btw, looks yummy!
    I heard on the Weather Network that Spain was getting snow too, but you know how general they are on those channels, they didn't say were in Spain!

  8. Hi Herrad, thx!!! I'm going to be a bit internet-limited until I get a connection in my appartment again, but I will pick it up! :o)

    Rain, everywhere in Spain except for my part of Spain, lol! On the Mediterranean coast conditions have to be extreme for us to get any snow... (although some of the mountain tops had white peaks as I came down).

    Will write up something witty tomorrow, but for now will just say it was really nice to see the numbers rising on the car thermometer as the kilometers south just kept rolling by... is almost 20º warmer here in Alicante than was in northern France Saturday morning! :o)

  9. Looks like a fun evening and that fondue looked incredible. Nothing like working up an appetite from skating! Hopefully you are safely home by now...


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