1 Dec 2009

Monthly Movies November'09

A rather diverse movie-month! Little-known WW2 resistance fighters in Paris. A crazy mega music festival. Vampires and werewolves. Russian ex-Bolshoi musicians impersonating current Bolshoï musicians for a Tchaikovski concert in Paris. Corporate whistle-blowers. Dolphins. Even linguistically: Rumanian, Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Japanese...

Care to take a look? ;o)

(English title: The Army of Crime)
Early 1940s. German-occupied Paris. La Résistance. But not the one you've seen in most "heroic" WW2 movies. Nope, these fighters are all immigrants. Eastern European Jews. Spanish and Italian communist refugees who fought in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. The young and the old. All led by an Armenian poet who renounces his ethical convictions (never to kill) in order to fight for his new home.
What's with this latest fad (it's been around for a while) to start a tragic story with it's very ending? I can guess what's the most probable outcome for a group of Resistance fighters, but couldn't you at least leave me some hope while I'm watching the movie?!
The beginning was a bit disjointed. There are so many "central" characters that by the time we're introduced to them all and get a bit of their background I'm having trouble remembering who is who. But then I'm in the thick of the story and I don't care. I'm hooked and am hoping against hope that things won't turn out the way I know they will.
The acting is excellent, and it's always nice to discover new faces. Among this very large cast I only recognised Virginie Ledoyen! (maybe that's a sign I need to start watching more French cinema...)

Methinks having written about this movie and published it about the same time as The Cove it's gotten lost in all the dolphin-massacre hullaballoo. So I'm saying again: FAVOURITE MOVIE I've seen this year! No go read my review. And I'm going to have my iTunes play some Tchaikovski for bedtime music. ;o)

In one word: trippy! :p
If I had known a bit more about this one I might not have gone to see it (but then again, was the only interesting option at the time we decided we could go so who knows), and I would have missed out on something quite unique! I don't quite know how to describe Ang Lee's latest... It's definitely fun, weird, original. Has got some great actors (OMG Imelda Staunton is crazily wonderful!!!) and seems to have recreated the ambiance perfectly (but then I wasn't at Woodstock so what do I know, lol!). But the story/plot is a bit sketchy... something that usually gets on my nerves (as it did a couple of times here). And yet I truly enjoyed it! :o)

Didn't I just write about this dolphin situation? Oh yeah, 2 days ago! Go! Read/Watch! React! :p

(added Dec. 2). I can't believe I forgot to include this one! :p
I guess it shows how much of an impact the latest Soderbergh movie had on me... Although I  mostly enjoyed it, I expected it to be much funnier. I also couldn't believe it was in the early 90s... it looked and felt much older! My memory must be going 'cause I don't remember the 90s like that! Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I lived in Mexico then? ;o)
I don't know, although fun, most of the story felt too "over-the-top" for me. There were too many "come on! are you serious?!" moments. I do think Matt Damon put in a good performance, and it was nice to see Captain Archer Scott Bakula again. :p

Got to love the French title: "Tentation" (Temptation!)
Had fun, didn't enjoy it as much as the first (probably due to the novelty effect and going in with absolutely no expectations the first time around) despite the improved special effects (although that "glittery" stuff still doesn't convince me much). Love the wolf storyline (am probably going to jump on the "Team Jacob" bandwagon, such a sucker for lost causes!), thought some of the "romance" scenes felt just a bit too corny this time, too artificial. And still don't like the stiffness of the vampire scenes. Will someone give the Cullens something to do other than stand around and stare at Bella, please? I look forward to seeing more of the Volturi in the future though. And more wolves! :o)


  1. I too am rooting for Jacob. He's 17. I'm 26. It's so wrong. And yet... ;)

  2. that age difference par rapport hearthrobs on the big screen is only going to get worse as we get older! ;o)

    sigh!!! :p

  3. Not into the Twighlight series - I know, I know, I must be the only one. I'm assuming that is what the comments are referring to?

    Anyway, I eagerly await the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and the one with Meryle Streep, that comes out later in the month!

  4. a Meryl Streep movie coming out soon?! Oh JOY!!! Why haven't I heard about this??? hmmm

    Nah, there's plenty of people who aren't in to Twilight... I'm actually more curious (plus I enjoy the novelty) than really "into" it (otherwise it would have had its own post discussing all the ins and outs) :p


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