30 Dec 2009

On the Sixth day of Christmas...

Am remembering the six Christmas movies my Dad and I watch every year during the holidays!

Imagine a movie being made just based on the concept of a songwriter, and being totally structured around the songs he wrote for the film? Not nowadays that's for sure! But if it's the 1940s and that musician is Irving Berlin then... why not?! Bing Crosby's singing, Fred Astair's dancing. Some goofy songs, some lovely ones (particularly the first time we hear White Christmas). Definitely a must see! :o)

Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby again?! Yup, in a way they actually "remade" Holiday Inn 12 years later! :p In fact Fred Astaire was supposed to sign on as well but he turned it down. I imagine he must have regretted that when he saw what a success it became... but that's ok, Danny Kaye is even funnier!

I mentioned this one the other day. The original is so wonderful, I can't imagine why anyone would see the remake?!

Remade a few year's back as The Preacher's Wife with Whitney Huston. But no angellic Cary Grant?! Forget it! I'll take the original every day!!!
Here's an original trailer (with a good argument for not making trailers!):

You were expecting this one, right? Even in Spain it's on TV pretty much every year. Jimmy Stewart, yay! :o)

and just to make things a bit more recent...

I'll admit to not having been too convinced by this when it came out, but having to see it again and again and again (is a favourite at Christmas for my Dad, for my sister anytime, and for my Belgian roomate when she needed cheering up after her breakup) it grew on me and now I quite enjoy it! The ensemble of actors they put together is wonderful and that soundtrack...

How 'bout you? What are your "must sees" during the holidays?


  1. Love those movies. My daughter's favorite is White Christmas, which she still watches every year.

  2. Love Actually!!!! thank you smiles...

  3. White Christmas is still pending, as is The Bishop's Wife. The others are mission accomplished!

    Hmmm... I'm thinking I haven't bought my dad a new Christmas dvd in a couple of years, I'll have to try and think of something to add to that collection...

  4. I've never seen Love Actually, but I love all the others you mentioned and have them on either DVD or Video Tape (the only reason I still keep a VCR handy). I'm a HUGE Cary Grant fan, even got to meet him once and attended one of his informal chats at a college campus. They called them "An Evening With Cary Grant" and that's exactly what I told people I did, lol.


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