29 Dec 2009

On the Fifth day of Christmas...

I saw five Christmas stockings hanging.

Well actually they've been hanging there for a while, but they're my favourite house decorations and there's five of them (for the five of us) and since it's the Fifth day of Christmas I thought it was a good choice. ;o)

My favourite is actually mine (with Santa carrying the tree). It was my mom's sole attempt at knitting a Christmas stocking (she made my 1-month older cousin's as well). My grandmother did the others.


  1. I think your mother did a great job on your stocking. Handmade items by family members are indeed special.

    Cris, I'm loving your 12 Days of Christmas posts and am looking forward to the rest. Basically, you've extended the holidays for me. For the most part, they are over here. We do have an event coming up in a town nearby, but I don't think I can go this year. I may post about it though, so I won't tell you yet!

  2. Those stockings are so cute! Well done...

  3. Rhonda I'd love to hear about it! But please come and leave me a link because I'm basically going a whole week without internet (I'm at a friend's in Barcelona and there is the occasinal random wifi) and when I get home I only have internet at my parents' for the moment, where I won't be much since a friend will be visiting all next week... so I don't know when I'll have time to catch up on the "blogs I follow" list and I wouldn't want your post to get lost in the shuffle!

    I've always felt a bit sad in places where Christmas ended so soon... it kind of puts more of the emphasis on the presents etc and takes away from the whole holiday. Here during these 12 days we try to visit as much family as possible and that "good" "Christmassy feeling" inside just lasts a lot longer! Although by Jan 6th we are ready to get rid of the trees and the constantly falling pine needles, lol!

    Dive Girl, thx! Like I said, I love those stockings! :o)


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