14 Jan 2010

Bump... oops!

Well, today I got through my first car accident while sitting behind the wheel of the car (I was in a really scary one on the highway 7 years ago, but a friend was the one driving). No big deal. I was stopped at the bottom of a hill behind another car yielding to priority traffic at an intersection, and the car behind me didn't break properly -wet roads- and... BUMP! I must say, that first moment is definitely a heart-stopper, WTF! moment if ever I felt one. Pulled over to the side, got out to check the back of the car and the other driver, not too worried 'cause it looked mainly like bumper work, and then saw that the driver was a good friend of my sister's to whom I'd given conversational English classes last year!

If you have to go through a car accident (however small, it's still jarring), then the best choice is to have it with a friend behind the wheel of the other car and both of you to have insurance (even better when you're not at fault, lol!)! She was definitely a bit freaked out, non-stop apologetic and asking me if I was ok, and I was trying to calm her down and get her to relax and see that "really, no harm done, we just fill out the papers and the insurance companies take care of the rest". Turned out to be a little more complicated for me 'cause when I opened the trunk to see if it worked right... I couldn't close it afterwards! So I had to take my car straight to the repair-shop and am stuck at least a week without it. It's a good thing my English classes are close enough to home I can go by bus! :p

I was pretty surprised at how cool and calm I was taking it all in (after the initial shock and "phone-home" to find out what needed to be done in such a situation), but once the car had been dropped off and my Dad was driving me home, I started feeling fuzzy-brained and totally drained. Typical drop-off after an adrenaline rush. I still feel fuzzy. But all's well that ends well! And at least the both of us know now how to deal with an accident, the kind of info you need to have handy etc. And it gave me an excuse to come write something here! (still no news from the phone company on my internet connection, argh!!!) ;o)


  1. OMG! That is so scary, but at least you are physically okay.

  2. I'm glad it wasn't worse. No bumping is ever pleasant, more for what might have happened if it was worse.

  3. I don't drive and can't drive actually. With good reason, I don't even trust myself walking - so driving? Hell no.

  4. We got "bumped" really hard by someone who was rubber-necking an accident. Nice of him to take the responsibility but the seat belt took my breath away.

    So glad you are safe and sound!

  5. :( Any car accident is terrifying, even a minor one - hope you're both OK and the car gets back to you soon

  6. Thanks guys!

    I'm still waiting to hear on the car, but since I don't need to give any go-ahead (the insurance guy just needs to give the garage the A-OK to fix it) I might not hear from them until I have to go pick it up. Hmmm... maybe I'll give them a call Mon-Tue to see what's what.

    No lasting side-effects on my side, other than that completely drained feeling all day Thursday. I didn't know I could feel so tired while have done practically nothing all day! I will never underestimate the side-effects of an adrenaline rush again! :p

  7. Well, I'm glad your okay. Sorry I haven't been by in a bit, but I'm trying to play catch up now.

    Can't wait to see Avatar, just waiting for ticket sales to slow down here so I don't have to be in a packed theater. We have an IMAX close by, so you know that where I'm going. People are seeing it over and over and over. Don't they know I want a turn? lol

  8. oooh, an IMAX?! I wish!!! The closest one is 200km away, and it's not worth the distance just to watch it dubbed... :o( But I would totally see it again if I could in VO!!! :o)


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