31 Jan 2010

Searching for inspiration...

...but can't seem to find it. :o(

I haven't been too prolific around here since 2010 started. It's odd that I actually blogged more when I didn't have internet access at home, and have written practically nothing since I got the apartment hooked up again! I must be tired, I've definitely been feeling listless. I had planned to start up Fishy Fridays again this month... oops! (hopefully next week) I had intended to write up a progress report on my New Year's Resolutions (hoping that by doing so at the end of each month would maybe help me actually fulfil them for once, lol!), but since all I've managed to do on that list is play a tennis match and sign up for the gym (but only been twice), well it's not too encouraging. I haven't even been writing my little book reports whenever I've finished reading each book (for Monthly Reading) so I'm going to have to write them all up at once. Damn!

Most of this month has been uncharacteristically grey and rainy around here, which is definitely an energy-drain (isn't it amazing how much livelier one feels on a bright sunny day?), but the one nice thing about storms and cloudy skies (looking for that silver lining!) are the very interesting seas and skies you get right after a storm:

and the sunsets!

(Click on the pics for a bigger view. They were all taken from my balcony. When we first moved here we used to have conversations about the winter sunsets!)

Here's to hoping February brings better spirits and more inspiration!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful. And personally, I love the rain. The sun only makes me feel drained.

    Inspiration: discuss your five favourite ensemble films.

  2. Anonymous31/1/10 19:02

    Beautiful photos Cris! I know how you feel, I've been kind of generally lethargic and uninterested of late. I barely get to my blog roll, I only post once or twice a week at most, I'm just feeling like nothing is keeping my interest these days. It's almost like I need to force myself to get out of bed. I know it has to do with the crappy winter here on PEI - the wind is just plain awful! One thing that really lifts my spirits is a nature walk (wind permitting), so that's my suggestion! Hope you feel more inspired soon!!! :)

  3. Thanks Rain! I thought you'd enjoy those shots! ;o) I am going to try to get out and explore the hillsides some more, just don't feel like going it alone so am trying to convince someone to join me (and the dog).

    Andrew, only 5?! Yikes! I'll have to think long and hard on that one. You starting a meme or smthg? ;o)

  4. Beautiful photos! smiles.

  5. Awesome skies! I love stormy days, but overcast and drizzly is a real downer.

    I noticed today that it was still light at 6:30! Yea! Spring is on the way. I love winter, but I'm always glad to see it go.


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