2 Jan 2010

On the Ninth day of Christmas...

I really enjoyed my 9th Day of Christmas... but I'm having trouble relating it to the 9th Day of Christmas! :p

Let's see...
  1. I caught a train to a town up the coast and walked along the sea wall.
  2.  I commiserated with some friends whose house had been broken into (while they were sleeping!) and tried to think of security ideas.
  3. I went for a short hike up a mountain with great views to the plains behind Barcelona (including Granollers where some of my family lives) and out to see and south towards Barcelona.
  4. We climbed around some Iberian (as in pre-Roman) ruins (stone walls).
  5. We visited a pound looking for a candidate guard dog for our friends (see #2) and I wished I could have taken most of the 300 inhabitants home with me!
  6. We had to jump start a car, panicking 'cause we were late for a movie (to which we had already bought tickets!)
  7. Saw AVATAR in 3-D for the second time (last Saturday), this time un-dubbed, enjoyed it as much (if not more!) than the first time!
  8. Talked on the phone with my kiwi sister and got the scoop on what it feels like to fall out an airplane. :o)
  9. .... ??? Am writing this post!
whew! There you go, 9 things I did on the 9th Day of Christmas!

Hope your first weekend of 2010 is as much fun as mine is so far! :o)

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  1. Well holy Toledo, that was a busy day! So, happy to read you did get to the concert and that you got such great seats!

    Let's see, that was Saturday. What did I do? Can't remember, but I'm sure it consisted mostly of being on the computer. Trying to up the products in my Zazzle store this year. Figured I can't find enough work, so I might as well be productive. Would have loved to walk that seawall with you!


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