19 Jan 2010

Movie Magic: A Sleuth and a Doctor...

... make for a delightfully dynamic duo!

So as you might have guest from the post's title, I recently saw Guy Ritchie's quick-paced Sherlock Holmes movie, starring the wonderful Robert Downey Jr (all hail!) and the not-to-be-outshone Jude Law. Now, having seen it in Spanish, I can't comment on the correctness of English accents (a frequent problem when "Yanks" play characters from across the Pond, c.f. a certain arrow-shooting movie from last century), or the feel of the dialogue, but I must say it all came out wonderfully (for once!) in Spanish. :o)

I had sooo much fun, I walked out with a grin plastered across my face (not as big as when after Mamma Mia! but close), ditto my Dad. This is no stodgy old Holmes, this is a sleuth who gets out and about quickly, is a master of disguise and an excellent pugilist as depicted by one Dr Watson in his tales as laid out by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is a Holmes who loses himself in the mists of narcotic substances between cases, bored of the world when no decent intellectual challenge is laid before him. And a Watson always by his side (even when he's supposed to be supping with his future in-laws, oops!).

This isn't a movie based on one of the Sherlock Holmes stories (although they had plenty to choose from), it's more a new Holmes adventure with details based on several of the original stories that fits in quite well with the character and life of Sherlock Holmes (there's some good info about this on the film's Wikipedia page). I haven't read the stories in a couple of years (I've read them all at least 3 times), but this movie didn't feel at all out of place, in fact it pretty much all rang true to me.

I had no problem with the character of Irene Adler (the lovely and talented Rachel McAdams), because even though she only appears in one Holmes story, she did have a profound effect on him, and so his reactions to her in this film feel quite true to character (although there was no indication that she ever reacted to him). The one aspect I didn't quite like was the mystical one, although all was pretty much cleared up scientifically (as in the stories), it just seemed a bit too far-fetched at the beginning. I didn't particularly care for the bad guy -Lord Blackwood- I kept waiting for someone more challenging/inspiring to show up. Someone like the man in the shadows, only glimpsed here and there, and possibly laying in wait for a future adventure: Professor Moriarty! (with rumours of Brad Pitt in the role swirling in the mists!) ;o)

If they do get together for another outing, I for one will definitely be there! :o)

PS: and I definitely need to get my hands on that soundtrack!


  1. Downey Jr's accent was spot on - don't know about McAdams as I'm not familiar with Canadian accents!

  2. well she was supposed to be a Jersey girl, so I guess a "standard" US accent (if such a thing exists, lol!)
    Glad to hear about Downey Jr's accent, a bad one can really ruin a movie! ;o)

  3. I tried to go see this on the weekend, but it wasn't showing at the theatre I usually go too. *boo* I will try again this weekend even in a different city if I have to.

  4. Dive Girl, good luck with that! I've got my fingers crossed this will be one of the lucky few to hit my lone VOS cinema in a month or two and then I can see it again and evaluate those accents for myself! ;o)

    tonight I'm off to see Alejandro Amenábar's latest English-language film: Agora! I thought I'd missed it completely 'cause it hit Spanish screens while I was in Belgium, but lucky me it's playing in the VOS cinema this week! And next week Amelia! yay!!!


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