1 Jan 2010

On the Eighth day of Christmas...


I'm spending 1 day recuperating from the 7th day (or night) of Christmas! 7+1=8 ;o)

Did you eat your 12 grapes last night on the 12 strokes of midnight? We did!

And wishing my kiwi sister (in New Zealand) a Happy Birthday!!! We used to celebrate her birthday right after the twelve strokes of midnight by bringing out a candle-lit cake and then having presents. The year after while after we moved to Spain we started going out for New Year's Eve parties with our friends and then had a New Year's lunch for her birthday... which isn't always as wonderful as it sounds (in spite of the excellent food in the restaurants my dad chooses) due to getting to bed at 7-8 am after imbibing a wee bit too much bubbly and then cubatas (rhum+coke). oops! But for the past couple of years she's been enjoying the benefits of a summer birthday, lucky her! We've got a special surprise for her this year, which I won't specify yet because sometimes she comes around here to read and I don't know exactly when her boyfriend is going to spring it on her! ;o)

And if we can get tickets in a couple of hours we'll be sitting in a beautiful little Gothic church in the Barrio Gótico enjoying a Spanish classical guitar concert! Fingers crossed!

Link: Manuel Gonzalez - Spanish Guitar Masterpieces


  1. Glad to hear you only did 4 bottles between the 5 of you, that way you'll get to enjoy the concert!

    {{fingers crossed}}

  2. Anonymous2/1/10 00:13

    Oh I am so glad that you posted this! wonderful music, who was the artist? thank you, happy new year! smiles.

  3. Thx for the crossed fingers Rhonda, it worked! :o) (and there's only so much I'll do for my blog... polishing off a few extra bottles isn't one of them, lol!)

    We got tickets no problem, and were so early we were sitting in the 3rd row! The video is actually the concert from a few nights ago, in the same church (he's doing a series of concerts there).

    Ellen the guitarist is Manuel Gonzalez, from a Spanish Classical guitarist from Barcelona. He played a wonderful selection that kind of reads like a "greatest hits" list of classical guitar. Was brilliant!

  4. shhh... Congrats to your sister, I think.


    Now I can say it, for her 30th birthday we (her boyfriend, me, and mi other sis) threw her out of an airplane!!! :o)

    (with a parachute, lol!)

    she loved it! ;o)


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