1 Aug 2009

Monthly Movies: July'09

It's August 1st already?! How did that happen?!?!?! Summer's half gone and I still have loads to do! Yikes!
'twas a pretty good month for movies imo, could have maybe caught another in London (I was deeply tempted to see Public Ennemies but my time was a bit tight and besides I didn't want my Dad to have to go see it here all alone in 2 weeks!), but summer isn't really movie season around here, we prefer spending time outdoors (in my case in the water!!!)

So here's a peek at the movies I saw this past month. Have you seen any of them? What did you think? What's unique about this month's seleciton I believe, is that there are two lovely French films in there! Bon apétit! ;o)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Got to see it in ENGLISH!!! in London! YAY!!! Well I think I waxed on long enough about this one the other day... :p If you didn't catch my thoughts the first time around you can read them here (and my revisiting of the previous films here). As an after thought, I think the elements that upset me wouldn't be as annoying to someone who hasn't read the book, since in and of itself the story is very complete. It's just that some of the details left out are crucial for the next volume! That and the final chapters of the book were so intense they didn't quite do them justice. But I still had a bloody good time with some great laughs and some bittersweet tears.

Coco avant Chanel (Coco before Chanel)
Audrey Tatou (of Amélie fame, as well as some other wonderful movies) does a splendid turn as the young Gabrielle Chanel in love and in search of independance from the conventions a man's world. I felt the pacing to be a tad slow, but otherwise thought it was a lovely movie if a bit hard to describe. More than just a portrait of a woman, it's a portrait of a certain portion of turn of the century French society (a very dissolute portion). Those looking for a peek into the glamorous world of fashion won't find it (except perhaps to understand how her tastes develop over her early life), which was perfect by me! My only regret in this movie was that it was in Spanish instead of French! Particularly since she does some nice singing and we can contrast original voices to dubbed voices... and when I see the trailer (below) I realise that the British character might be speaking French with a British accent (I love hearing accents!), sigh! Will have to check out the dvd some day...

Faubourg 36 (Paris, Paris)
A few months in the life of a Paris neighbourhood during a rather tumoultuous period right after the Front Populair (so very leftist if my memory from high-school history serves me right) won the elections (country paralyzed by "la grève générale" in order to get rights to paid leave, shorter work week etc.). That's the backdrop. The details are in a musical theatre which is the heart and soul of the Faubourg, and the people who've given their all to it for years, only to find themselves kicked out one New Year's Day... It's the story of a father and son. Of two lovers. Of a man with a heart of gold. Lovely music and fun numbers on the stage. If you enjoyed "Les Choristes" a few years back you'll enjoy this! Be prepared for laughs and tears as it can be bittersweet at times. I was overjoyed to see it in French!!! :o)

The Proposal
Summertime, not just blockbuster season but a few romcoms are out as well! Sandra Bullock is in the "iffy" column with me, sometimes I enjoy her work, others I can't stand her! This one wasn't bad, not wonderful, but a good way to pass a couple of hours. The idea behind it was funny and it was well done (plus I really enjoyed getting to visit Alaska!), but the coupling doesn't convince me at all! I can't believe the idea of the result of that weekend (trying not to spoil anything here). I did get some very good laughs at the idea of her being an "illegal immigrant"! Think "Green Card" but backwards! Great line: "It's not like I'm an immigrant or something, I'm from Canada!" (my mom used to get a lot of Northern Europeans in her office -she works for Spanish immigration- with the same attitude!). So maybe don't fork out the cash to see it in the movies, but it would make a good movie night at home.


  1. Mum and I are really keen to see Coco Avant Chanel, hopefully in French (I'm sure the DVD will play in French anyway). We'll probably have to wait for the DVD, but I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Hey there!
    Found you through Nancy's comments and thought I would check out your blog.
    You have a fun way of writing and saying things for just what they are. I like it. Keep up the good work!


  3. I think you'll enjoy it Juliette, it's a very lovely film!

    Welcome to my crazy corner of the blogosphere Deboshree, thx for the compliment! Feel free to hang around, browse through past posts and make your opinion known on all and sundry! ;o)

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  5. Ha! The Proposal...I actually enjoyed all the silly bits(not going into the deeper bits of reality here!), especially the dance in the forest...walls, windows, balls...;-)

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday.

    Oho, so by following you I become a fan...No way, I'm just a psycho stalker...Be Warned!:p

  6. psycho stalker? oh my!


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