23 Aug 2009

Alicante Summers

So, was really starting to wonder about what this weekend's post on Alicante summers would be... when all of the sudden the answer made itself known right outside my window (thanks to a party at some dude's house across the street):


Definitely an integral element to the Alicante summer, you can't avoid them anywhere in this province! And even less here in town where we get our regular dose of fireworks, local neighbourhoods adding in an extra dollop, the occasional party that decides to launch a few... and then every weekend you hear some booms! from some town close by (and sometimes you can make out the lights). The closest city (Elche) actually has an hour-long fireworks show on the night of August 14th, all set off by local people from their rooftops (I'll try and go next year, I've been twice and it's neck-cringing and amazing!).

Of course the biggest and the best are those that jump start the summer at the end of June, a lovely 5-day competition (of minimum a 20' show) at the Playa del Postiguet downtown. I saw 3 out 5 nights, one from home and two from the beach (boom! noisy when you're right under them!)

Here's a shot from the rooftop of my building:

Not bad eh?! I remember one year a friend and I got all geeky by trying to calculate the distance based on the difference between how long the light and sound took to reach us (or something like that). It is a bit odd to see the lights and then a second later hear the boom! boom! BOOM!

They're much more impressive when you're at the beach:

It so much fun down there these nights. Just fashion yourself a sand couch, cover it with your towel, and keep a bottle of wine and some jamón serrano and queso manchego handy and you're definitely in for a delightful and explosive evening!

Look ma! It's raining fire! ;o)

This is the signature firework in this region, a "palmera" or palm tree:

Hmmm... sound effects are needed for this post, don't you think? Ok, so here go two fragments for you!

This one is part of the series that were launched from a sandbar and so it looked like they were exploding out of the water, very cool!


  1. Who doesn't love fireworks? I imagine myself sitting on the sand couch, enjoying the show while sipping on a cool beverage. Ah...

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. You guys certainly know how to party - I have never heard of so many fireworks celebrations. That's it - I'm moving there.

  3. Pretty pictures. I like fireworks, but have a feeling of inner dread when it comes to festivals here, as people love lighting that stuff I call 'a never-ending chain of crackers', and it's deafening, which has me bravely shutting my ears, and trying to walk on the roads without hopping about like a rabbit while these go off!

  4. Who doesn't love fireworks Lily? Well my dog for one! whenever they start going off at one point or another of the city (or even a nearby town) she immediately rushes to hide in the shower! :p

    Nancy, this is definitely fireworks land! I think they must be as popular in this region of Spain as they are in China!

    Hey Kaotic! We call those "never-ending chain of crackers" Mascletàs around here... a good one can last about 10-15', and yeah earplugs are highly recommended if you're anywhere near it!

  5. So here I am, unable to remember the name in English, or any Indian language that I know, but who cares, I now know the word for it in Spanish! Mascletàs....*muttering this in my head like a mantra*

    Isn't this just crazy,Cris!?! :D

  6. You want to make it crazier Kaotic? That's actually the name in Catalan! (a dialect of which -Valenciano- is spoken by some people hereabouts and the "fiesta" vocab is in it).

    In Spanish it would be a "TRACA". Although technically a traca would be anytime you string up a series of firecrackers and set them off (like at a party, a wedding etc) while a Mascletà is waaaay bigger and lasts longer.

    Go read / listen to this:



    So now you know how to say it in TWO languages!

    I guess you'd better come around here though if you want to be understood! :p

  7. That's Catalan? Wow. I just assumed it would be Spanish.

    Should you hear of the crazy Indian woman who goes around bandying words in Catalan and Spanish, during festival time in India, you know who they're talking about!Oh, and you are supposed to jump up and down, and defend my sanity, okay....just saying. Of course, people might say,'pay no attention, that's just CrazyCris.' ;-)

    Eh, the icing on the cake is, that the pronounciation is gonna be all wrong, as I have no access to 'the listens' right now. :-(


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