2 Aug 2009

Alicante Summers...

I was wondering what today's edition of this series should be about... and then I found these in the store on Friday:


And not just any figs, GREEN figs! In other words my absolute most favourite fruit!!! Which I totally associate with Alicante summers because you can only find them for a very short period in July and August! They're also hard to find unless you have a really good vegetable store in your neighbourhood (with contacts to local people with fig trees) or know someone with a fig tree in their garden (I'm so envious of them!). These are the first I've seen this summer.

Fruit and I have a love/bleh relationship. I'll devour them and eat them by the bushels one day and ignore them the next. And it's just my rotten luck that the three fruits I like best and could consume in inordinate amounts have very short seasons! Strawberries in May and June, (green) Figs in August and Pomagranates in (end of) September and October.

Why green figs and not black? Well the black ones are ok too I guess, they're just a tad bit too sweet for my taste. Their biggest problem is they're mushy! By which I mean not as firm as green figs and so a bit more complicated to peel and eat. :p

Oh, and I can smell a fig tree even hidden among the icky smells of the city... For example, when I was in London last weekend (more on that soon I promise), I was taking shots of this:

and my nose guided me to look around and then down (as in right below the parapet on which I was leaning) where I spotted this:

Fig trees surrounding the Houses of Parliament?! huh?!?!?! Didn't know they grew that far north! I wonder if the fruit is any good... (you can see some if you click on the photo for a bigger view) anyone know the PMs in there to ask them about it? ;o)

I'm going to sign off with a trip down memory lane...

The way my mom tells it I first tasted figs when I was 5 or so and we were living in Saudi Arabia. She had spotted them at the store and was all excited 'cause she hadn't eaten any since leaving Spain years and years before (I don't feel like doing the math now). She only bought 5 asthey were expensive. Back at home she tried to get me to taste them but I was like "yuck!". She ate 1/2 of one and insisted I try the other half... and the rest is history! Need I add she didn't get a bite out of the other 4 figs? ;o)


  1. and now that's done... I can go and eat the plateful. That's barely a half-decent ration for me! :p

  2. ...living here in Greece am able to eat them as well, even the little kid likes them. What a nice way to start into the new week, which I hope to be a nice one for you.

  3. To be perfectly honest the closest I've ever come to a fig is fig newtons packaged from the store...in other words, I have no idea how real figs actually taste!
    The pictures were awesome though, and it was cool to read about figs - especially since I've never actually seen a fresh fig. (And honestly I wasn't sure if they were fruits or vegetables.)

  4. Like Nicky, I love Fig Newtons, but never tasted a real fig. They probably wouldn't do well here. I'll be checking though...

  5. yeah, I enjoyed fig newtons as a kid too, were some of my favourite cookies! I haven't had any in years!

    Figs are also a bit chewy (but not that much), sweet, little grains... and yesterday's were yummy! Not too ripe... just perfect to start the week! ;o)

    Oh, and definitely a fruit! :p

  6. Mouth is watering...
    no drooling...

  7. Like Nicky and MzzLily, I've never tasted a real fig - just Fig Newtons. Boy, I feel like I am missing out on a lot.

  8. Okay, this is why I dislike deadlines — I miss all the fun and the mojitos!

    First, Happy Birthday (you know mine was the 25th). Your sis hiding in the trunk was similar to when my son showed up on my front porch on Mother's Day, except yours was an "Priceless" moment and mine was more, "Quick, call the paramedics, I think she's having a heart attack" moment.

    Figs? I love figs — black, green, fresh, dried and in fig newtons. Newman's Own (you know as in Paul) makes an excellent organic version.

    I've missed you Cris, my deadline is over one week from today and I can get back to blogging properly. I will be looking for London pics and birthday bash pics.

  9. yours was the 25th? Happy Belated Birthday Rhonda! Another lovely Leo! ;o)


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