28 Aug 2009

On the road


So I'm currently on my way north for a 3-month stay in Belgium!
I'm currently finishing packing and in a couple of hours I'll be hopping in the car and exchanging the Mediterranean for the Ardennes.

Here's my route:

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It's about 2000km and could be done in two crazy 10-11h days, or 3 more reasonable 7h ones. But as I'm driving alone I'll be taking it "easy" and doing it in 4 and stopping in to say hi to friends along the way (except in Lyon where I don't know anyone). Barcelona tonight (6h), Lyon tomorrow (6h), Nancy on Sunday (4h) and finally Liège on Monday (4h)!

Should be fun but I'm also stressed out about doing all this driving by myself! I've never done a real "road trip" (except as a backseat passenger when a kid)... Any case I'm ready for another adventure! And am looking forward to some slightly cooler weather! :p Although I've put in an order for sunshine, I really don't feel like being greeted by storm clouds when I roll into Liège on Monday!

Ok, I'm going to go pack now! :p


  1. Wow, sounds like fun! Are you going for work or pleasure? Any diving in the area?

  2. I used to travel a lot by myself. Last year I drove to Florida with my mom and granddaughter. Neither drive. I stopped for a nap at a rest area then drove on. 1000 miles (19 hours) in a day and a half. Whew! Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

  3. Enjoy?! With this BLOODY end of holiday traffic?! ARGH!!! took me 3 extra hours today! But thankfully I've got some good music ;o)

    Dive Girl, for work, some pleasure and no diving this time!

    Lily, 19h in a day and a half?! Sounds insane!!! I did 10h today (well 1 was going around in circles looking for my hotel tonight, lol!) and I'm falling to pieces!


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