12 Aug 2009


so my sister just left... her 3 weeks in Alicante are up. She's headed back to New Zealand (with a 3-day stop at our sister's in London) and who knows when she'll be back (12 months? 18?) :o(

the apartment feels empty now.

the dog is moping on her bed... what do you want to bet she'll try and sneak up onto mine tonight? :p


  1. Awww - that's too bad your sister had to return home. I sure your puppy will try to get some loving from you tonight - maybe that's what you both need.

  2. except it's a wee bit WAAAAY too hot for that! :p (although apparently she did jump up on my sister's bed last night after a long rumbling thunder scared her out of the shower... lol!)

  3. My deadline is finally over and I'm back to blogging and visiting. What do I find at one of my favorite blogs? Gorgeous pictures and a virtual vacation……thanks, I needed to get away.

    As usual, your photos are fantastic, I just love how you frame your shots. My favorites are the castle hugging and the first one going down the stairs of the castle. AND, what beautiful skies you had for backdrops!

    Sorry to hear your sister has left, but I know you'll both share these wonderful memories forever.

  4. Thanks Rhonda! Those memories and many more... if it's one thing we have plenty of in this family it's funny travel memories! ;o)

    Keep coming back... things are about to get a bit "wetter" around here, in big part thanks to my sister having come to visit! See, she has a lovely little box that settles nicely around her camera and can go underwater... ;o)


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