9 Aug 2009

Alicante Summers

I've been pondering today's subject... slightly distracted by the family photo afternoon session (first time in 2 1/2 years we're all together!), editing London photos, sorting through dive photos and trying to put some semblance of order back into the house (chaos reigns!).

So I finally settled on my favourite place to be in the summer: the water! Yes I know I mentioned the water in the second post in this series, but now I want to share what goes on in it: Aquatic Activities! :o)

Above the water this is a popular option (that I would do lots of if I could! snif!):

(photo from 2 years ago when the tall ships race stopped through Alicante, but you can see the bay full of sailboats most weekends in the summer)

In the water there's the very simple (and low-cost) swimming:

with or without the dog, your choice.

For the in-between there's snorkelling:

If you're up to braving the depths then there's always my favourite:

scuba diving!

Oh, and there's also sandy beach activities (playing in the surf, sandcastles etc) but since I haven't been in years I don't have any photos (digital anyways)! :p


  1. Confession - I can't swim, which I guess is why I always runaway to the mountains!

    Oh, and you went all the way to London, and they didn't let you meet the PM. That's just bloody rude!;-)

  2. Indeed! Very rude! :p

    Oh my! I can't imagine life without being able to go swimming!!!

  3. Love it!!!! All of it. I'm a water baby.


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