23 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown Spanish Edition - Day 10 - A shopping spree


Well, not quite. Walked about 3' to the trash containers to deposit my paper/cardboard, glass and reclyclables. Then walked around the block to the pharmacy, 5' tops, to pick up FOUR pair of disposable gloves (I put in an order last week, but since stocks are almost non-existent and the big numbers reserved for health care professionals and people working with the public - as they should be - they're only handing out a few pair at a time to individuals, at €0.50/pair), then another 1' to the grocery store, spent maybe half an hour in there, and then 5' walk home. So less than an hour out of the apartment, but still felt good to stretch my legs! Wind and rain be damned! 😜 (we've had foul weather since Saturday afternoon)

Social distancing measures are now fully in place (as opposed to last week when some places did, others depended on people following the guidelines). 😷 The pharmacy has marks on the sidewalk indicating how far apart people should be from each other while waiting, and only one person is allowed in at a time.

Cold and windy waiting at the pharmacy

The grocery store also has a limited occupancy, and the automatic sliding glass doors won't open for you if that limit has been reached, so again waiting outside while keeping a distance. And hand sanitizer / alcolgel is being dosed as needed. The pharmacist put some on my hands and then told me to pick the gloves out of the box. The supermarket security guard ditto, and then pointed me to a box of supermarket plastic gloves that you usually use just in the produce section. The tellers at the check-out stands are separated from the public by a transparent plastic screen, and the customers themselves have markings on the ground indicating how far apart they should stand while queueing. And speaking of the produce section, when you weigh your fruit and veg it's almost impossible to place the price sticker on the bag without it completely sticking to those shitty gloves, which ends up tearing them! Ahhh!!! Note to self: next time just buy the fruit and veg at the local vegetable shop 10' away. No sticky labels and added bonus of extra walking.

Thing is... I was so excited about going out that I forgot to take out the regular non-recyclable trash.  Guess I'll just wait until Wednesday when I'm planning to do a shopping spree to take food to my mom. 🤔

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  1. It sounds like they've got a real handle on how to keep people apart. I wish we had such visual displays, since often people just ignore the distancing. :-(

    1. The lines on the ground are definitely useful! But I'd say it took about 2 weeks for the measures to be fully in place everywhere...

  2. Toilet paper, paper towels, disposable wipes, bleach and hamburger meat are almost non existent here. I scored 4 rolls of toilet paper yesterday and almost did a happy dance.

    1. It's insane! My sister tells me things are similar in the UK. Here after the initial couple of crazy days things have been ok. Except for online grocery shopping. That's almost impossible to get into! (my mom has been trying every day this week, too many people connected)


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