22 Jun 2011

Hogueras in my neck of the woods

I live in a area of Alicante called Cabo Huertas, the cape between the two main beaches. It used to be nothing but fields and orchards with the odd building here and there (looking over the Alicante Bay) until about 10 - 15 years ago when the big real estate boom started and buildings just mushroomed over night. Since it's mostly recent construction in an area where space wasn't a problem, we have a very different look from the main part of the city. More relaxed, more space, a bit more beachy (even though most places don't have a view of the Med).

Most of the hullabaloo of Hogueras takes places downtown. There are monuments built every couple of blocks. The parades walk down the main streets until they reach city hall or the Cathedral. Many streets are cut off to traffic so the "barracas" can be set up for the members of the different hogueras to get together and eat meals and party throughout the holidays. But even though we're a bit distant from all that, we still "feel" the fiesta atmosphere (in a large part thanks to the kids setting off firecrackers in the parks) since there are three hogueras set up in this area. Since they're younger there aren't as many people involved and so have lower budgets than the ones downtown which basically means they're smaller (I eplained budgets and categories 2 years ago here, and here are these same hogueras from last year).

Let's start off with a welcome return! The Hoguera Alicante Golf disappeared last year because of the economic crisis! I'm guessing the neighbourhood's money situation has improved since I came across their Hogueras this afternoon:

Not very impressive, small Fifth category Hoguera (the one in the foreground is the children's). But I did enjoy this one Ninot who represents all the people who've been having a really hard time this year since the anti-tobacco law went into full effect (no more smoking in any place that serves food or drink unless on a terrace):

Closer to home (halfway between my parents' place and mine) is the Fourth category Hoguera Avda Costablanca-Entreplayas (it won 4th prize in the 4th cat):

I really like the Alicantina holding up the holiday's flame,

as well as this delicious-looking fig!

Here's their Hoguera Infantil, "Playing Doctor" (which won 5th prize in its category):

I live about halfway between that Hoguera and the Hoguera Condomina (whose parties keep me up at night because I can hear the music even though they're 5 blocks away!):

Considering their theme this year is Alicante's history with the sea, it's no wonder this is my favourite from my part of town! ;o)

"the day before yesterday":



and "tomorrow" unless we take more care of our seas! :o(

Both the Hoguera Costablanca and the Hoguera Condomina have set up "Ninots del Carrer" which are ninots set up in the street, kind of independant of the main hoguera (and many made by the neighbours instead of professionals).

Here's the one from H.Costablanca which remembers the Cabo's history as fields and orchards and fishermen:

This turn of the century fisherman from the the H.Condomina won first prize among the "Ninots del Carrer":

That's all for today! Tomorrow I'm going to head into after my knee-rehab session, stopping to see the big prize winner in the "special" category (i.e. the big money spenders), catch another mascletĂ , visit the hogueras that are downtown and just breathe in the atmosphere! ;o)


  1. I'm scared of the fig - no fig should be that big! ;)

  2. Love these hogueras, Cris. They are so good, all of them! :-)

    Oh, and good luck tomorrow...

  3. Yeah - it's that time of year again! These are so beautiful. You are so lucky to live where you do - even if they parties keep you up at night.

  4. Juliette... right there with you! :p

    DJan, I didn't think they were as nice as last year, but I still think they're fabulous!

    Dive Girl, don't I know it! ;o)


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