2 Jun 2011

WOD: Youth, the Next Wave for Change

This year and next year the theme for World Oceans Day will be focused on young people since they "are the most promising members of the public to reach out to if you want to effect lasting change" according to studies by the Ocean Project.

With the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon we're going wider than that theme, we're writing and sharing memories, thoughts, stories etc. about the oceans and its inhabitants in general! But keeping the original theme in mind I'm going to be surfing around the internet looking for youth-oriented oceanic videos and sharing them with you here. Perhaps you'll enjoy sharing them with any youngsters in your vicinity and help them gain an appreciation for the oceans! ;o)

Young Albert here sure did:


  1. Can I just say, "I LOVE this kid!" What a wonderful ambassador he is for our oceans.

  2. What an amazing kid! I didn't know about Ocean Day, nor Ocean Annie, but if her message is so well-received by most kids, then she needs to talk to them ALL! There might yet be hope for the world..

  3. Wow, he is so wonderful! I love the way he says "scuba dive" as if it's one syllable! Super great link, Cris!

  4. Hehehe! Yeah, this kid is GREAT! I was sure he'd be appreciated! ;o)

    Yikes! I actually spent several hours browsing around YouTube last night (into the wee hours)... it's scary how one thing leads to another (videos, search words...). I've actually got all the videos I need for each day up to WOD! :D


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