23 Jun 2011

Mascleta 2011 take 2!

So I actually made it down again today for another Mascletà! Two in one year... wow! :p

I was early enough so that I managed to find a decent viewing spot right up against the fences... Right in front of the local press who were getting ready to launch their interviews:

Check out the cameraman's get-up:

all protected like a fireman! He got up in the thick of things during the explosions...

They went around before it all started interviewing some of the special guests (from the neighbouring provinces):

and the general public:

And then we heard the words we'd all bee waiting for (2 minutes early though, oops!): "Senyor pirotecnic, pot començar la mascletà!" And after three warning shots -boom-boom-boom- the Maslcetà began and all hell broke loose! :D

No kids to have fun watching today... but I was impressed by the impassivity of this cop... he didn't budge once!

The same couldn't be said for the crowd, who were as tight as sardines in a can behind me and really excited:

My favourite part (and I think everyone's) of a mascletà is the final minutes (of the 10 it's supposed to last), the "terratremol" or "earthquake". And that was definitely the best thing about today's!

The way it's set out this VERY intense series of explosions makes its way around the upper half of the Plaza de los Luceros and you can follow the smoke around, as if it were a domino effect!

Today's originality was that instead of just ending with the terratremol right after there were a few more aerial displays. Fabulous!

'Twas enjoyed by all,

and the artificers got a big ovation as they made their way around the Plaza.

But why just use words and pictures? Watch the highlights here! ;o)

Personally I thought Monday's was much better... and not just because of the special guest in the balcony just behind me! ;o)

PS: as I add the finishing touches on this post, there are fireworks shooting out over the buildings I can see from the balcony... one of my neighbourhood hogueras is having their own light show tonight! ;o)

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